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  1. after manually installing all the contribution, and double check everything. i get a blank page when going to see the product info in the catalog. any idea that can help me?
  2. in admin after clicking who's online i am getting this error Online Name IP Address Entry Last Click Last URL Session? Referer? 1054 - Unknown column 'user_agent' in 'field list' select customer_id, full_name, ip_address, time_entry, time_last_click, last_page_url, http_referer, user_agent, session_id from whos_online order by time_last_click DESC can someone help please
  3. I tried to look for a solution for a problem i have with creating a new banner. the link to the new banner does not show the image. i changed the value for the line define('AFFILIATE_KIND_OF_BANNERS','2'); to '1' and wow it works, but no statistics !! is there a solution that it will work with statistics. i have installed the ver 2.6 of oscaffiliates thank you
  4. joepesci

    language pack

    i want to have an option of french language in my site. the default will be in english then client can choose in french. wich is the best package to use. there are a few there, i don't know wich one to use ? thank you
  5. Hello I installed the automated fedex labels, i started from version 1.2 then updated all the fixes when i click the ship button i get a blank page ! the page name is : http://amazingshopping.biz/admin/ship_fede...ew&status=3 is there a place to add user is for fedex ? is there any other account settings or something i should have done ?
  6. joepesci

    [Contribution]Skype Contact

    The contribution works good thank you
  7. joepesci

    [Contribution]Skype Contact

    Where to set the skype name or user ?
  8. hello, is there a way to pointing the 'continue shoping' button to the html page where the 'add to cart' button was clicked on my webpage. thanks if someone want to program it for me i am willing to pay. thanks
  9. joepesci

    is there any clear instructions

    Thank you very much, with your help i realized that the currency code i was using was wrong insted of CAD i used CAN !!! :lol: :D
  10. joepesci

    is there any clear instructions

    is there any clear instruction on how to make paypal work good with oscommerce. without having any 3party tools. what i basicly need is that a client makes an order and chooses paypal as a payment option. what i have presently is a client chooses a paypal payment method , that ok. when the client is refered to paypal, the payment sum or amount is not transfered, he is getting 0$ to pay. the amount has to entered manualy. can someone help please
  11. joepesci

    problem with pay module

    in my cart i have to payment options 1. cash on delivery 2. paypal the problem is that when a client chooses paypal, the client get directed to paypal site, but the amount of money to pay is not redirected so het gets 0$ to pay and he get the option to write the amount himself at paypal. but i think that the amount to pay has to be redirected to paypal pay site. please someonr help thanks :rolleyes: