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  1. Remove engine=innoDB, engine switching is also mysql5, if that fails, then also remove the DEFAULT, not sure if thats mysql5 or not (probably not, so just remove the engine stuff first)
  2. Hey everyone, I have been slow with version 1.5 because i am always busy, I haven't even begun yet, I'll post here when i start working on it and it will only be a few days after that that you will get version 1.5. Nick
  3. Remove the DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 and things should work, the charset is a feature of mysql5 only
  4. Sorry, dont know then.Try reinstalling if you tried to manually install. Whats your mysql version?
  5. what php version are you using?
  6. Good. I'll be getting to work on 1.5 soon
  7. Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. Auctions V1.3 is up and running. Basically it adds a configuration menu for the auctions contribution and also allows you to choose how you want your auctions to end. Currently, osC does not have a contribution that allows 3rd-parties to add their own items for sale. I intend to do something like that in the distant future, but currently I am too busy and dont have the time (i.e. financial incentive) to do something like that. (I hardly have the time to work on this auctions contrib :P) With this latest version, I have also changed the languages a bit, please can the translators contact me with the updated files and I'll include them with the next version, or post them here so that if someone else includes a new version, they can add it to that version. Thanks Nick
  8. Hey everyone, I have basically finished the 'end of auction' addition (i.e. Bug 2) but will post it up tomorrow because there is still one bug I have to get rid of. Basically, you can configure the 'end of auction' settings in CONFIGURE->AUCTIONS like this: 1/ Anyway, I am too lazy to rewrite the install instructions so you'll have to do with a set of upgrade instructions (maybe we should put off having any manual install instructions until this contrib is bug free - which should be within a month I think - so people dont go and add these 'development' versions until everything is done. After that I'll write a super-sexy HTML set of instructions. How about it? 2/ Can we please label the code like this //BOF AUCTIONS CONTRIB - The following code does %BACKFLIPS% $backflip = Some backflips //EOF AUCTIONS CONTRIB instead of the way it is now, i.e. //bof added by for auction product contribution $code //eof added by for auction product contribution I think this is much cleaner for other people to read, and we can give credit to the main contributors at the end of the HTML instructions (just comes off more professional that way) 3/ The expiry date bug (i.e. 2006-11-14 00:00:00) is because in the admin, you are only able to set the day it ends and not the time (i'll fix this in one of the next few updates). I dont think the solutions offered here would work though because the problem is missing fields in the admin. 4/ For some reason, the countdown timer is 18 days slow, i.e. if you put the expiry day for today, it will actually end in 18 days time!!!!!!! Maybe the javascript in modules/auction_bids.php is faulty, who knows. 5/ Maybe the best way to take fix the admin is to merge admin/auctions.php and admin/categories.php, I am not really sure but that might be a quick fix I think, maybe someone who is very experienced with osC can try that. Thanks Nick
  9. I'll take care of point 2, just writing so we all dont work on the same stuff. I think I'll make it go to inactive once the count down has finished, and once I have that done, I'll redo it so that it removes one item from the product qty, if there are multiple products. After that, maybe a configurable admin so that people can choose how the want their auctions to end, is in order. Thanks Nick
  10. Download the Auction Module Contribution Here. This is the official support thread for the Auction module started by celdish. Here is what he wrote: I will also be taking an active interest in this module, in fact I had one like this in the works (wasn't half completed). deathgod P.S. I think this one is going to be really popular.
  11. Hey man, thanks, i have nearly finished correcting the instructions and will post them soon. Thanks for the response and that error has already been corrected as well. Though you answered the wrong thing that guy asked. Instead his problem was caused by faulty instructions at step 2. Remove whatever step 2 told you to do and replace it with step 2 of the new instructions i will post in a few moments. I remember that there was a big typo at step 2(checkout_payments.php) which has now been corrected. Nick
  12. Is it just me or is the manual installation instructions for CCGV5.16 filled with errors. I have spotted 2 and i am not even 20% of the way through the installation. It is really putting me off and i am sure it will put off alot of other users as well. I will post a new set of installation instructions once i am finished, if i decide to finish. If i miss an error or two and it balls up my site them i cant really fix the instructions can I. Please post any errors with the current instructions here and i will include it when i make a fresh copy. But all credit goes to the guy that made the original, errors or no errors, i have found it very useful so far and he obviously put days of effort into creating the whole thing.
  13. The infoboxes clutter up when using sts and i would like to put a <br> between them. If i do that for each box there are huge gaps between them when so boxes don't appear. I don't want a template for each page so i guess i have to edit column right.php. This is my feeble attempt: require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'shopping_cart.php') print '<br>'; require..... you get the idea right. please can you put the proper way to edit column right.php or am i going about this the wrong way and should edit shooping_cart.php Nick
  14. it seems there is only two things to do: 1/ add the following to catalog/includes/modules/sts_inc/sts_user_code.php //Wishlist $Variable $sts->start_capture(); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'wishlist.php'); $sts->stop_capture('wishlist', 'box'); // 'box' makes the system remove some html code before and after the box. Otherwise big mess! 2/ add the $wishlist variable to your template page it works on my page so i hope it works on yours Nick
  15. could someone please tell me how to include this wishlist as a sts variable for stsV4. There is an example from a previous version which seams to be incompatible with version4 or 4.4 specifically. If i figure it out my self i'll post it here. Nick