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  1. Hi,


    I'm trying to fix up my store, and i've looked through all the product attribute mods and have basically not been able to find one that might work for a simple thing such as this:


    basically i have footwear, and all i need is the following;


    PRODUCT attribute 1 (color) attribute 2 (size) Quanitity


    so for example if i have STYLE named Ibiza, and it has many colors but in this instance just wanto use the color blue, and size 35, I want to be able to enter that I have 2 units in that size and color available.


    How do I go about doing this?


    I know I can put in a quanitity for one attribute but that means I have to create entries for one dropdown menu list containing the attribue color & size, and there could be 10 colors per shoe and each shoe has like 10 sizes, so that's just too much.


    any ideas?

  2. Changing your account will not help.


    You shoul specify checkout_processing.php (with the full www etc)


    To quote devosc (the true naster at getting poaypal ipn to work simply)


    The matter mentioned above in the customer's session being lost when returning to the site is because PayPal are/were not transposing the GET params of the form action into POST params (hidden fields) when returning the customer back to the store via the GET method when processing (non-paypal-member) CC payments (or something like that etc).


    I changed it to POST instead of get and changed the IPN return page through paypal, but then I get a undefined class error something like Paypay_Osc...


    any ideas?

  3. Do you have to have a premier or business paypal account to modify:

    AutoReturn URL addresses?


    Cause I have a regular account and it works perfect except it returns the user to

    an empty cart at -shopping_cart.php with appropriate and identical exiting $sid

    as returning...

    but the client is then also logged out...and just looking at empty cart page..


    what can i do?


    Would an upgrade to a premier account fix this....by enabling me to change

    return page to checkout_success.php...


    or is that an option i can change locally, but i can't find it...




    any idea why french exiting to paypal, returns to english site?





  4. Hi,

    I'm hoping that someone can help me.


    I have Paypal IPN working but when the client clicks return to merchant, it brings them back nominally to an empty cart, but the problem is they are logged out, and when they click continue get taken back to the login screen as opposed to their account order history or general account page.


    Why is it logging them out when returning from paypal?


    Another question I have is that, when someone completes the paypal order that came from the french it does the same as above but compounded to that problem, returns them to the english version of the site.