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  1. B271

    UPS Price Discrepancies?

    As someone who lives in a rural area, I can tell you that UPS charges an additional fee for delivering to a rural address. Their definition is "A Delivery Area Surcharge applies to Air and Ground packages delivered to higher cost-to-serve ZIP Codes. The surcharge is $2.20 per package for residential addresses and $1.40 for commercial addresses." Here's the text page that lists all the zips that fall into this category. http://www.ups.com/media/en/xarea.csv I believe FedEx charges a fee as well. Since it is based on zip code, I would think that UPS should be calculating their own costs right, but you just never know... :rolleyes: Hope this helps... Deb
  2. B271

    USPS isnt working

    I was searching through the other posts in the shipping modules forum and found this thread. It details what you need to do to resolve the problem. I'll be trying it out tomorrow :) An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.
  3. B271

    USPS isnt working

    Hi, I am getting the same error and do not have anything entered into the password field. I am using the test server. The USPS web site says I need a user id and password, but their email only had a user id. I just emailed them asking about the password. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks