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  1. As the problem seems to be related with sessions, I precise that the sessions are stored in MySQL database. I also noticed that files related to french language are not provided in the STS 4.5.8 distribution : the branch "includes\languages\french\modules\sts" does not exist !? Hope this new informations can help... Regards, Thierry
  2. Hi all ! I'm a new user on this forum and my name is Thierry, a french webdesigner. Before posting, I've been looking for a solution and I tried many issues but I get no success... So, I decide to ask help. Here is my problem : 1) I installed oscommerce V2.2 RC1 in local on WAMP and it worked fine : I can login on shop and fill a cart. 2) I installed STSv4.5.8 over this fresh osc installation by simply copying the required files over the fresh oscommerce ones but after that, I can't login anymore and I noticed that I can't add product to the cart too. Did someone already have this problem and found an issue for it ? Thank in advance for your precious help, Regards, Thierry