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  1. Hi! Did you find a solution to this problem? I just switcht web host and everything seem to work as it should on my OSC installation after the move except when I try to edit a page in define pages. I get trown back to the admin login everytime and cant find the error. Have register globals set to on and force cookie use... This must have something with web server settings to do since it worked on my previous host?
  2. Hi I have installed the FAQ System 3.0 constribution and tripple checked that I have done everything the install file says you should do on the admin side but when i click any of the links only a blank page shows up... Inserted som echos in the faq_manager.php file to see where it went wrong and it is when it includes functions/faq.php require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . '/faq.php'); it gets stuck. Have compared the 2.x faq.php with the 3.0 one and they are exactly the same, the faq_manager.php files are also the same. Anyone had a similar problem and knows how to solve it? /Rob
  3. Sorry about this, did not remember to tick the use wysiwyg editor checkbox first, to much hurry to try out this mod... i.e tinyMCE works when installed according to your instructions IF you check the use wysiwyg first.
  4. Hi! Have installed the contribution on a clean install of os commerce and everything works except tinyMCE... I have downloaded and installed the latest version of tiny and then I copied your configuration files to the same directory, includes/javascript/tiny_mce but the editor news shows up in define pages only the textarea box. I have installed tiny before according to tinys instructions on other CMS'es and then it works but there must be something wrong in the define_content.php file since it is never activated, and all files are where they should according to your instructions. /Rob
  5. Yes I have and I have fixed it, Had to alowe the new admin box first...
  6. Hi! Im using osCMax so I have been very carefull not to let it replace any osCMax specific files with osCommerce ones and instead manually edited the osCMax files according to the install instructions file for the contribution. I have also implemented all modifications that relate to catalog/includes/footer.php in mainpage.php for the template I'm using since osCMax is BTS enabled. Everything has worked fine and the contributions shows up in the admin panel and all but when I click on Configure user tracking I get the following error message in the admin panel. Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem. Anyone have an idea as to what could be wrong?
  7. Haver installed the User tracker with admin on my store and it shows up in the admin panel and all but when i click on user tracking configuration I get this message: Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem.
  8. Okej, have found out that the fread() error on the order confirmation page depended on me having spelled tha paypal public certificate name as PayPal_cert.pem when it really is paypal_cert.pem. Linux separates big/small letters as we all know... Well well well, havent launched my live store to the public yet so I have only been testing the payments in paypal sandbox mode witch is suppose to work exactly like real mode. Obviously it dont because with the same certificates and the same settings (almost) encrypted mode dont work in sandbox (test mode) but in live mode so my store now works with encrypted payments in real mode but not sandbox mode, and yes I am using the correct email and certificate number in sandbox mode to so my quess is that paypal aint got it all worked out in sandbox mode. Dont know if it would have worked with the original PayPal IPN module to but probably... or maybe not and its always good to have the latests version anyway. Over and out!
  9. And I also get the same old Missing information error on my live store even with the 1.2 module installed. But they are probably related and must have something to do with writing permissons or something, but I have set the persmission to 777 on my working directory so... what else can you do?
  10. Nope! It did not solve the error I get on the order confirmation page on my live store thats on a linux host! Warning: fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0. in ...../html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php on line 407
  11. IMPORTANT NOTE! If you have an installation on windows you cant use c:\path\ when configuring the PayPal IPN because it will remove the backslashes after you have pressed update so it will look like c:path. You have to use unix style c:/path/ slashes instead, strange enought it works with unix style paths, even on a Windows installation. The apache webserver probably translates them to windows style paths or something...
  12. Ok... The boys at osCMax have obviously don something with the PayPal IPN version 1.1 module that comes preinstalled with that package becasue after ahving tried everything to make it work in encryted mode without result I decided to install the latest official PayPal IPN 1.2 contribution from the oscommerce site and install it on my test shop. Before I did that I wrote down all my settings for the PayPal IPN module. Then I removed the present PayPal IPN module from the administrators panel before installing the new one (VERY IMPORTANT!!!). After that I installed the latest official contribution PayPal IPN 1.2, by unzipping the contribution in a temporary folder, clicking my way down to the catalog folder in the PayPal IPN 1.2 tree, copying from the catalog diretory in the contribution tree. Tehn moving to the folder just above the catalog folder for my test shop i.e the webserver root diretory in my case and pasting the contributions catalog tree over the test shops catalog tree and answering yes when asked if I want to replace the existing. That installs the latests PayPal IPN contribution in the shop. After that I went to the administrators panel again and under payment modules I chose install PayPal IPN again. Edited the settings for it with the EXACT same settings as before (I wrote it down if you remeber). Activated encrypted mode and eureka it worked instantly. So my setting and certificates was correct all the time but it was the preinstalled PayPal IPN module that comes with osCMAX that didnt work correctly i encrypted mode. I.e the solution to make encrypted mode work for osCMax is to replace the PAyPal IPN module that comes preinstalled with that package with the latests official occommerce PayPal IPN 1.2 modul. Dont know if this will solve the fread() problem I hav on my live shop to, but I will keep you posted on that!
  13. Forgot to say, I downloaded and installed Mozilla just to try but I still get the same old missing information, Message 5302 on the paypal payment page... Maybe it's not an IE issued after all, but the PayPal people seems to think so.
  14. According to the paypal developer forum the problem is with internet explorer that trucates strings. With other browsers like firefox, mozilla e.c.t it is supposed to work. 55% of all surfers use IE so... If you only have tested encrypted mod with a browser other than IE on Windows you should test again from a Windows computer with IE. Let me know if it works or not.
  15. This is what the paypal developer forum has to say about the message 5302 missing information problem, wich is one of the 2 problems I have with encrypted mode in Paypal IPN. --------------- get this message when using such a link with IE which truncates URLs at 2083 characters--my encrypted links are longer than this. PayPal_FrankIb Posts: 252 Member Since: Mar 27, 2006 Watch User Re: "Message 5302" - pls. help! Posted: 23 May 2006 13:38 PM Rate this! 1|2|3|4|5 Reply Hi soysauce1, The 5302 error is being generated because the encrypted button code is not intact on the server. By that I mean the code for an encrypted button must be continuous from the beginning <form> tag to the ending </form> tag. What has happened is either the editor or the server has formatted the button code by adding a line feed or a carriage return to some of the code. This mostly happens at the end of the button code. Two possible solutions, re-edit the code so that it is continuous from start to finish. Or, recreate another button, but this time make it a clear text button. The shorter lines of code will be more manageable by your editor or server. -- Frank I. PayPal Merchant Technical Support PayPal, an eBay Company soysauce1 Posts: 3 Member Since: May 23, 2006 Watch User Ignore User "Message 5302" - pls. help! Posted: 23 May 2006 11:53 AM Rate this! 1|2|3|4|5 Reply Hello, we are a nonprofit theater organization trying to collect donations thru our pay pal account. Ever since i placed the paypal button, on and off we end up getting "Message 5302" and it doesnt work. I regularly update the pages too as event/festival schedules change and etc. Is that something to do with that or do we have a huge problem with our account settings. Any help is appreciated. ash