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  1. ravenpolar

    Moneybooker installation problem

    Im in desperate need of some help here. I have uploaded the Moneybookers plugin contribution and keep getting the same error This happens for all of the contributions that I have tried and I still cannot see the problem This is the error I get when I go into admin and select Modules/Payment Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /content/DesignerPlus/f/u/xxxxxxxx.com/web/includes/modules/payment/mb.php on line 25 Looking at the code, I cannot see where the issue is. The line that is indicated is a simple Try{} Catch {} statement. Im using V2.2 RC2 and have tried 3 differnt contributions and still no success. From the other topics here it looks like others are able to install on the same release and yet mine keeps failing. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers RavenPolar
  2. ravenpolar

    payments module

    I understood that but cannot see why this is, as this was straight after an install of the package. Why is no one else getting this message??
  3. ravenpolar

    payments module

    I have a simular problem, but mine occurs when I have copied the files across. Going to the admin site, select, Modules/Payments and I get the error... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /content/DesignerPlus/f/u/fur-n-feather.com/web/includes/modules/payment/mb.php on line 25 Any ideas?
  4. I have a new problem with this contribution. When the order is entered, if the shipping or payment telephone number is entered it is not saved in the DB. It appears in the entry table but not in the billing, shipping or customer fields. Any help would be much appreciated on this
  5. Bingo, worked like a charm, thanks.
  6. The js folder and all of its contents were copied to the site. Just check and they are all present and correct.
  7. Just installed this contrib to a new website and after 1 false start it works very well. I have one issue remaining that I cannot seem to figure out however. When the popup appears there are no icons for forward, back and close. Tried it in IE8 and Firefox 3.5 and the same problem happens in both. The site and example product is at http://fur-n-feather.com/test_oscom/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=28 Any help would be much appreciated Cheers
  8. ravenpolar

    [Contribution] phpBB-osCommerce Bridge

    Have you managed to work an update for this package yet? BTW, great mod, been waiting for something like this for ages :D
  9. Hope you dont mind a bit of praise and a question... Managed to integrate this contrib with no problems and it works great, so far I am really impressed at the implementation. My question is how can I retain the formatting of the blog post in the info box on the main page? Basically I want to still have the line feeds and returns in the news item on the main page, even though it will increase the size of the box. Many thanks Phill