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  1. :oops: I can't believe I overlooked that! Hey, thanks again1!
  2. VoodooManchino

    [CONTRIBUTION] osC Affiliate v2.0a PREVIEW

    has anyone tried out the html banner/text version? I can't figure out the format it should be. Overall, the affiliate program works great on daily snapshots (so far) and must say, "Snowman" thanks for the great work!
  3. I see a lot of people complaining about tax problems - so far I havn't seen any on our installation. (This is with a dfault c.class and coupon code). My question however: The coupon amount and or gv, are those supposed to be subtracted from the total amount once applied? Here's a snapshot from a checkout: <pre> Sub-Total: $67.99 Tax (6%): $4.08 UPS GND 1 X 1.648: $10.76 Total: $83.48 Gift Vouchers: $10.00 </pre> Just wondering about that because once we setup our auth.net and paypal the correct charges (total - gv or coupon) will not be processed as they're supposed to. Am I missing something?
  4. thanks for the great efforts and time you've put into these. (GV/CC and the Coupon code). One more question I have for you specifically is about the subtraction of the actual coupon code or GV. Both of these show up on the customers order, but how is this amount actually subtracted? Is there a way for this to be done automatically before it's processed?
  5. This is probably not related at all to he GV's, but maybe someone has an answer to this? Is there a way to get rid of the shipping if just a GV is purchased? Or, is there a way that anyone knows of, to have 0 shipping costs if downloadable software (only) is purchased? I know this has been mentioned in a few other posts but no solution or suggestion was provided yet. Any ideas guys?