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    yomama360 reacted to clustersolutions in ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media   
    @@yomama360 giving up so easy!? Hey, you ask for it with that screen name...just comment out line 47 and 48 on your screen instead and implement the rest of the changes in application_top.php. The $PHP_SELF should be set by usu5_base_filename and you are good to go. I implemented USU5 in BS and its working fine...you can see the changes I made in application_top here...
    USU5 works fine with header_tag and the non-FWR version of sitemap. I didn't even know FWR has a sitemap until recently....the site map I used isn't the best but it works for now...
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    yomama360 reacted to opus_uno2001 in Master Products - MS2   
    This support seems pretty dead.. Too bad really, since it's a very useful OSC add-on.