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  1. Strange, so it must be a server setting somewhere. It's the same server, only thing we changed was the PHP version and it worked on PHP 5.3 but not 5.4.


    As far as I can tell mod_rewrite is enabled. Do you know what other settings need to be on?





    The catalog is in the root of our public_html directory. My RewriteBase path is:
    RewriteBase /
    Anything else breaks it. Again, it works file like this if PHP version is 5.3

    Arigato gozaimashita



    Upon re-reading PHP.net makes the distinction that "call-time pass-by-reference" is deprecated. So apparently a parameter received by reference by a function is still ok.

  2. Is this not in the latest version of seo.class.php?

    Line 2964:         function is_cached($name, &$is_cached, &$is_expired){ // NOTE: $is_cached and $is_expired is passed by reference !!

    Do a search in seo.class.php for "passed by reference" or "&$" and there are about 8 or 9 references to it.

    We would love to be able to use PHP 5.4. Is there something else we're doing wrong? Missing a library perhaps?


    On the same server we run php 5.4, and it only gives the "yourwebsite.com/-p-27.html" URLs. Switching our php to 5.3 makes it work correctly producing "yourwebsite.com/product-name-p-27.html" URLs. The category URLs also do not work on the new PHP.


  3. Might have something to do with the PHP version.



    And as of PHP 5.4.0, call-time pass-by-reference was removed, so using it will raise a fatal error.

    So if the new server is running PHP 5.4 then you will have problems because it looks like quite a few of the functions in the seo.class.php are  doing pass-by-reference which is now deprecated.

    We rolled our Apache server from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.3 and it works now.

    We are going to update the seo.class code and see if we can make it work on PHP 5.4

  4. Searched and scoured this forum and surprised no one else has this question / concern (or I couldn't find it).


    I have a 2.3.4 cart. On step 5 of the install for catalog/includes/application_top.php it says to find this code:

    // set php_self in the local scope
      $PHP_SELF = (((strlen(ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo')) > 0) && ((bool)ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo') == false)) || !isset($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_NAME'])) ? basename($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['PHP_SELF']) : basename($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_NAME']);

    But in my version all I can find is this:

    // set php_self in the local scope
      $req = parse_url($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_NAME']);
      $PHP_SELF = substr($req['path'], ($request_type == 'NONSSL') ? strlen(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG) : strlen(DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG));

    I did a site wide search and cannot find anything that matches the "find this" code. I do have some mods, but they don't affect this code. I even checked a vanilla install of 2.3.4 and don't see that "find this" code.

    Should I just override it and move forward, or are there things I need to change so it works with 2.3.4?

    Anyone got this working error free on 2.3.4?

  5. Stupid Question:

    Does this contribution allow users to type their Credit Card info on my website (and Google processes in the background), or will it take them to Google checkout (leave my website)?


    The reason I ask is that there is a PayPal mod which allows the user to jump to paypal and use their account OR to type their Credit Card info right there on your site.



    I was wondering if this mod was like that. And if not, Is there a Google mod that can do that?

  6. It says, "Filter Decline." Perhaps that has to do with your filters in your PayPal account being set too stringent.
    Thanks for that dynamoeffects and SteveDallas for the info. I guess that makes sense that its basically our system being more strict than the bank.


    I did finally find the risk controls in PayPal. For future reference of anyone reading this they are here:

    Profile > Selling Preferences > Risk Controls


    These must be the ones that cause a "filter decline." You can adjust them but be warned that it exposes you to some fraud liability.

  7. I have an issue with credit cards getting declined but the banks still processing the charge.


    I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere, I searched and found nothing.


    This happens to about 3 - 5% of our customers (maybe more, but they don't call us). The basic deal is they get a "Filter Decline" error on the website, they call in and I try virtual terminal and get the same thing.


    Then they call their bank to find out the payment had been authorized several times (because it was attempted several times) but our system (osCommerce and PayPal) shows nothing. These authorizations are in some "pending" state that the bank drops off as unclaimed after a few days. The banks say that there is nothing wrong (no errors) on their end and its just a matter of our system needing to come claim the charge.


    Is this anything to do with this module? Does anyone have any tips to resolve this issue?


  8. I got the same problem as luckyfourleaf. It just started today (we've had this module working perfectly for months). PayPal's virtual terminal still works on PayPal's site.


    I turned on debug mode and got an error when trying to confirm the order:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 422201 bytes) in /home/webadmin/mysite.com/html/luaus/includes/classes/mime.php on line 245


    I assume thats a problem with the debug email.


    Please help if you have any information on this.



    PS - Luckyfourleaf, who do you use for web hosting? (on the chance they just changed some settings). We use websitesource.com

  9. I run a shop that does daily deliveries each evening. While this contribution does 99.9% of what I needed it to do - in a perfect world the contribution would do one of the following...


    1) Automatically assign a ship date based on the time of day an order is placed. (ie: an order placed before 7pm gets delivered that evening - orders placed after 7pm are delivered the following day.


    or if that isn't possible...


    2) allow the customer to only select the current day (if it is before 7pm) or the next day.

    Any one know how to do either of these?


    Thanks in advance and this is a great contribution!

    If you want the user to also be able to select future dates, the functionality you want is ready to go in the shipsched.php file.




    change it to:

    //if order placed on [schedule day] (AFTER [start time]) then [target day] is the earliest valid day
    // if time is BEFORE [start time] then treat [schedule day] as -1
    	// sunday
    	// Monday
    	// Tues
    	// Wednesday
    	// thurs
    	// fri
    	// Saturday


    Was this it?

  10. HAHA, wouldnt you know it! That thing was kicking my butt for days. Then I find the solution 5 min after I finally post.


    I lied above. The "paypal_wpp.php" was actually "paypal_wpp_bak.php" a little backup file I made while I was working on stuff. (It never got uploaded to the old server). Anyway I removed that bak file from modules and the error was no more.


    But New question:

    when i edit the payPay_wpp payment module it says:


    Pear Modules

    If you installed the included pear modules, where are they stored? Should be:


    Leaving this blank will use the server's default include path.



    How does it know the old path? This kind of freaks me out. Should I totally reinstall from scratch or just tweak things a bit? The pear modules?



  11. Bizarre error after switching hosts.


    I switched hosting accounts, and i moved all my files over (my old site is still running) but i get this weird error in the admin panel when I want to go change the settings for the payment module.



    Warning: main(/home/user/mysite.com/html/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/paypal_wpp.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/user/mysite.com/html/admin/modules.php on line 128


    Warning: main(): Failed opening '/home/user/mysite.com/html/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/paypal_wpp.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /home/user/mysite.com/html/admin/modules.php on line 128


    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class paypal_wpp in /home/user/mysite.com/html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_wpp.php on line 24



    It wont allow me to select the payment module to change things. I tried exporting a version of the DB off the old site with all the wpp things turned off and the directories empty, then restored it into the new osC site, but still the error.


    Any ideas on what could be causing this?




    PS - I would/ could change the paths to the pear and certs if I could get in and edit it... but i cannot. Besides I doubt it will help because the database I imported had it all turned off and stuff and it still didnt work.

  12. I get what you mean now, I think this will need some coding, which I am not familiar with. But I do feel it is better that it display zero, so the buyer will know this is free shipping.

    Thanks for the response. Let me be more clear:

    For some items I do not want the optional shipping options to display at all. I was thinking setting the price to $0 would make those options disappear, but they still show in the checkout process.


    Thanks in advance for the help.

    What mods do you have installed?

  13. Anybody use this contrib: multi indvship


    by Rick Wise


    I found the old thread from it:


    but it says I dont have permission to reply to that topic



    The contrib is exactly what I need, but the problem is that the shipping options I don't want do not go away even when I set the price to zero $0. They still display on the shipping page.


    Has anybody found a solution to this problem?