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  1. Hey All,


    I am still having no luck, one of my other website that uses an older version has the following error with regards to the paypal after successful payment and going back to the website, the following error occurs, when i test this on the local server i don't get a response but an white page on the checkout_process.php page


    this is the following error


    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /********/paypal_standard.php on line 525


    Anyone one know a solution, I am having complaints after complaints after this, even though the order went through


    any help would be much appreciated


    Kind regards


    Epsilon Solutions

  2. When you return back i think the session id is lost


    did you remove code when one page checkout asks you to add?




    Dear Steve,


    I have rechecked the file and nothing seems wrong, the osid from the start before the checkout to afterwoods is exactly the same, if I wanted to return to the site before the actual payment from paypal, everything is fine, however after payment the return buttons which takes me back to the website checkout_process.php?osid=xxxxx goes white screen


    Any ideas?


    Kind regards


    Epsilon Solutions

  3. Can someone please help me with an issue with paypal, everything works fine until after payment and when I was pressing the button to return to the website, in chrome it goes blank and gets stuck at checkout_process.php, does anyone know a solution to this problem.


    Thanks a lot in advance

  4. If anyone is having issues with the checkout.php page being blank, or having some issues with displaying all the content on the page, I found that a few pages coding have


    <? instead of <?php


    they are include/checkout/payment_method.php


    and /checkout.php

    once you have changed all that to <?php it should work, at least it did for me

  5. Hi,


    I have a new problem, I have reverted to use the standard paypal until I can figure out how to get the IPN working, if anyone knows, if someone can tell me which one to implement that would be great, in regards to the standard paypal, everything works (did a few real transaction) however once the payment has been completed and approved, when i press onto returning to the oscommerce website from paypal, it goes to a white page in checkout_process.php if someone can help me in regards to that, it would be greatly appreciated


    Kind regards


    Epsilon Solutions

  6. Hi,


    I have another problem which I just can't find a solution to, the two buttons, the redeem for the credit vouchers and if payment is not chosen the continue button. Once I pressed it it goes to a blank page. When version 1.08 came up it was all fine. But then I have done some modification to the website, now those two errors came back again.


    I went thought the javascript check on chrome and it stops at


    this.setModuleMethod('shipping', $button.val(), function (data){


    and various other point in relation to shipping.


    If I disabled shipping module, the error is gone.


    Can someone tell me or have a solution to this problem. I tried going back through the modification that I have done, but no luck so far, any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance

  7. Its a great contributions however I have two problems


    1. everything works well until I installed osCthumb. the thumbnails images works fine, however when the popup comes up it

    says "forbidden parameter : osCsid" can anyone point me in the right directions as to how to fix this problem

    2. the loading time is very slow, once I take out the javascript for this contribution it loads normal again, is that normal or just me.


    any help would be much appreicated thanks

  8. Hi,


    I posted it a few weeks ago and still have problems


    1. I have not been able to get Paypal Standard working with 1.07, it says the format is incorrect,

    2. I have not been able to get Paypal IPN working - someone says that they managed to get it working can anyone direct me to that post thanks

    3. I have EWAY Payment module, anyone got that to work, the credit card field disappear in the payment section for the one page checkout.


    Any help would be much appreciated

  9. I am hoping someone can help me, I have three problems


    1. I can't get PAYPAL IPN to work, when I installed it it and going through checkout it goes to the login page of paypal

    2. the standard paypal doesn't work either i get this error when trying to process it "The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount."

    3. i am using eway payment module, however once i have installed it the fields to enter the credit card details disappear, I am hoping someone can help me out,


    Thanks heaps

  10. This is a great contribution


    I hope someone can help me


    I have set up the files and everything works except when testing it, if the customer has credit is lower then the purchase amount, and if you select purchase order account at the checkout_payment and click continue then it somehow redirect to the login page.


    Could someone please help me with that


    Thanks in advance