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  1. designgroop

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    Additionally, this type of error can be caused by a corrupt protx_direct table in mysql. If none of the above work, or you get problems just after a server reboot or load issue, try repairing your OSCommerce tables in mysql.
  2. designgroop

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    I've just managed to get this to work after spending two days taking it apart. For me this was down to a clash with SEO URLs - which creates the ampersand issue I've seen mentioned a lot. I've created a working file and uploaded it here in case it's of any use: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8292
  3. I have just uploaded your canned order comments and would like to thank you as I've spent years copying and pasting! Simple but very useful :-)

  4. Hello, I am looking to do this for a client. I haven't found a mod that will do this already. I believe the following things will need to be incorporated: Extra fields in products (base_price, base_currency for example). These will then need to editable in admin/catalog.php Then, there are a couple of ways of changing the product price in relation to the other currencies (including the base currency of the store). a-> Set up a script to update the normal price (default store currency) once a day using the exchange rates set in OSC. b-> Modify includes/classes/currency.php so that it looks at the products table first and if a different currency to the store currency is set, then it converts the price based on that. I'd certainly be interested to see if anyone has already done this - as I can't find the addon; or if anyone has any input on this. R.
  5. *Duplicate Database Entry Issue* Hello all, I have an installation of Easy Populate that normally runs fine for small updates. However, when a sizeable number of changes are uploaded at once, instead of the product being updated, a duplicate is created within the database. This breaks the relationship on products_to_categories and not only is a duplicate entry left on the database, but both it and the original disappear entirely from OSCommerce. Can anyone help? Thanks, R.
  6. It should be easy with PHPMyAdmin, your hosting company would normally offer you this. Failing that, this might help: http://surf11.com/entry/97/change-size-of-varchar-column-with-mysql
  7. designgroop

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    OSCommerce / Google Checkout Account Mismatch I would love some help clarifying Google Checkout usage for existing customers. We want to offer GC but if a user uses a company or relative's Google Checkout account for purchase, it does not record this under their existing account. Instead, it creates a new account. I tried this first with 1.5, and it showed no new order to the logged in customer. I took it back to 1.4.5, installed that, and now it logs the customer into a newly created account under the email they used to purchase through GC. I thought that this module should be able to record the order under the logged in customer's details? Am I wrong? I'm sure I've seen this in the 1.4.0 changelog. Please can I have some advice on this, it's imperative that this should work this way (like Paypal). *Please Help* :blink: In response to natashome: You can do this by including the same Google code from the login or shopping cart page, but it would need to be below the form that contains the other payment modules and the 'continue' button. R.
  8. designgroop

    [Contribution] Independent SEO URL Validation

    Hi, Really appreciate the quick response. I have just run the mod on a fresh site, it works - so I'm not doubting your competency or the potential of this contribution. I just can't work out what may be causing the conflict. Perhaps another mod that uses SEO urls.. Is there anything you think I might be able to do to bugtest or narrow this issue down in some way? Is there any way you could envisage a conflict occurring? Many thanks, Roland.
  9. designgroop

    [Contribution] Independent SEO URL Validation

    Hello, I've been trying to get this running on an install all day but to no avail. I have read this board thoroughly but not found an answer - in fact, there have been some people with similar issues but none seem to have been publicly resolved. > Environment OSCommerce Unix/Plesk/PHP5/MySQL 4 >SEO URLS - 2.1d ORIGINAL updated Latest version of the validation mod. Issue: The site freezes in an infinite loop on this line in tep_validate_seo_urls, in general.php: header("Location: $linkreturned"); // 301 redirect If I replace $linkreturned with the root domain (index page) it resolves fine. If I replace it with: header("Location: http://www.domain.com/product_info.php?pro..._id=125"); .. it doesn't resolve (infinite loop). I have stripped htaccess down to the bare USU requirements, no difference. I have searched the install for other header redirects, commented them out - no difference. I have re-edited all the files, no difference. Can anyone lend any assistance?
  10. designgroop

    Pay Pal Making Changes - Will These Effect our Modules?

    A quick look at this suggests that they are basically implementing new statuses - which will effectively be new stages in the completion of a Paypal transaction. If you run a late version of Paypal payment module, where the IPN updates order statuses each time Paypal posts variables back to your website, the principle won't change but I would guess that it will be necessary to accommodate the new variables and, let's say, keep an order as not completed if the payment is still being assessed for fraud. These are the full payment_status variables now (half of which look new [but interesting] to me): Canceled-Reversal Completed Denied Expired Failed In-Progress Pending Processed Refunded Reversed Voided More information here: https://www.paypal.com/IntegrationCenter/ic...-reference.html I would suggest that there is a small amount of work required here to update the OSCommerce Paypal modules.
  11. designgroop


    Sorry to crash the thread a little, but.. I have been looking at running a rewards scheme but not as a discount, rather as a redemption against a list of goodies. I don't want customers to use points as cash but I would like them to be able to redeem them separately and add their chosen reward item to their order. I think this works better for business customers because often the person placing the order isn't spending their own money - so freebies are better than discounts. Does this contribution allow me to do this (and turn off the discount system)? Thanks. R.
  12. A cleaner way to do this, whilst preserving the OSCommerce languages system is: in catalogue/includes/languages/english.php (& for all languages in use): Change: define('PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT', 'Please Select'); to define('PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT', '**Default Country Here**'); Then below that, add: define('PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT_VALUE', '**your country id here**'); In catalogue/includes/functions/html_output.php Change: $countries_array = array(array('id' => '', 'text' => PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT)); To: $countries_array = array(array('id' => PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT_VALUE, 'text' => PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT));
  13. designgroop

    VAT in Europe

    Within the EU, if you are registered for VAT, you can only charge on at your domestic rate. If the customer is in another EU country and they are VAT registered, then they are entitled to pay the net price (provided they supply you with their VAT number). As a seller, you don't vary the VAT according to EU country. If you are vat registered, you charge VAT at your own country's rate to any EU buyer unless they are also a VAT registered company. I'm in the UK, but as far as I am aware, you always have to charge VAT to customers in your own country (it is their responsibility to claim it back on the VAT returns). You don't charge VAT to customers outside the EU. HTH. I'm trying to configure OSCommerce to reflect what I've said above, with little success. Any advice on setting up EU vat through localization/taxes in admin would be gratefully appreciated...
  14. designgroop

    Protx Direct v2.22

    I've just followed some hints about CURL and uncommented the lines 368/9 which has suddenly brought it back to life! This is v odd as it was working fine until I made some changes to checkout_process.php. Does anyone know if it possible to break curl? Or how I could have affected: CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER /CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST ?
  15. designgroop

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi all, I hope this is the place to post this and I hope it doesn't disrupt other threads... I've been using the Protx contrib for about 5 days. It was all going swimmingly until I emailed out a few discount coupons. The one thing I hadn't tested was CCGV with the Protx module. Anyway, I saw that customers were being told that their card details would not work once they had included the discount, so I started to mod & test overnight. In fact, I've been referring to earlier threads in this topic re. CCGV(trad). Basically, with the coupon entered, a non-specific error occurs. ie. they get blocked but with no specific reason, only "- Your credit card could not be authorized". I tried using the suggested mods and moving the calls to functions but it made no difference. In the end, I deleted and reinstalled the contrib and cleared all cached details I could find but it still returns the error, even without the coupon code. I'm beginning to suspect it is Protx blocking me for trying too many transactions on a live server but I can't be sure. Does anyone have any experience of this - or is there a change I need to make that I haven't? I have contacted Protx and waiting for a response. But I would still like to rule everything else out.. Thanks, Rols.