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  1. Hello I'm wondering if what I want to happen is possible with regard to OSCommerce. I have a store located in Ireland. At the moment I have the shipping module set up using Flat Rate shipping charges. So I have a very low shipping rate for anywhere within Ireland, a bigger shipping charge to the UK and then a bigger shipping rate again for all other countries withing the EU. The problem with this is that when someone from say, France wants to buy something very small they are hit the the large flat rate shipping. Is it possible to have it like so: 1 - All orders withing Ireland have flat rate of €5. 2 - All orders outside Ireland are calculated depending on size of items orders. So if its a very small item it will receive an accordingly low shipping charge. (I guess this would have to be tied into weight somehow). But can I have it so that if someone in France orders something small (i.e. EU Zone) they are charged a little bit less than if someone from Australia ordered the same thign? Im guess I'll have to set up Zones or something? Does anyone know if the way I want my shipping module set up is possible? And if so...HOW?? Thanks for any help. RGds
  2. HI All Here's how my shop functions at the moment. I have 3 flat rate options set up. I created 3 zones (tax zones), one for Ireland, one for the UK and then Europe. I have 3 flat rates of shipping to the above three zones (i'm based in ireland). However we don't have States here , so I disabled this from the Customer Info section because it was causing a little bit of havoc for me during the account create process (when all data was completed, OsCommerce would ask you to choose your country from a drop down menu ).....and I think it made things more confusing than they needed to be. Now that I've disabled the states, the account creation process works a treat, and when you input all your DATA, is accepts its the first time without asking to chose anything from a drop down menu. BUT, i noticed than the persons address is now MISSING the ISO code (IE: IRELAND, etc) and my shipping rates aren't being picked up anymore?! Instead now when you check out, no shipping is added. Can anyone offer me some advice? Thanks!
  3. Jack, for EasyMap v2.4? Maybe i'm blind, but i've read the entire thread twice and i'm not seeing it. Aoife
  4. nope don't know basic programming..... so i'm at the mercy of the nice people here who add contributions! Guess I'll have to wait :( I would have thought though that having multiple locations would be a fairly popular request. Anyway thanks
  5. I just added this to my site... However I would like to add an additional locator to the map for my second store. Does anyone know how I might go about doing this? Thanks
  6. yes it turns out that is is just as easy as adding in your normal HTML! I'm sure I'm not following the original process that the designers of OSCOMMERCE would have liked me to, but hey, whatever gets the job done?!!
  7. Hi, I want to add an image to the index page - above where the 'new products for month' is. I'm fairly handy in Photoshop and I wanted to create an image to show that we have a sale on a certain items and have it so its quite eyecatching. But i haven't a clue how to go about doing this? I've already got the image created and I'm happy with the dimensions of it, should look well. HOw do I get it to appear there? Can i just insert some HTML inside my php in the index or am I way off base!? ANy help is appreciated! Thanks Aoife
  8. The options i currently have at the moment are completed tab model / price / qty Model / Category Foogle Model / Attributes I'm pretty sure I have the latest verion of EP. What i need is Model / Attributes / qty I know that I can get this with the completed tab, but its such a large file . Hard to work with .
  9. HI I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but sure.... I recently installed the easy populate contrib. It works fine...I can download and upload EP files. However I have some queries / problems Can i change what data I would like the reports to get? FOr example I simply want a EP file to have Model (with relevant options) and quantities. At the moment the only report I can get which is similar is Model with quantities. But I need the models that have different options to be listed too... I have roughly 100 products at mo, hoping to increase this to 500 with time. I would estimate that 20% of my products have Attributes attached to them , therefore I need an easy way to adjust stock for not only my products , but my products that come in diff options. Maybe I'm way off here and I shouldn't have decided to use this contrib...Can anyone advise? Basically my needs are.. An easy way to change / keep track of stock for products and also products with attributes. ANy help!!?? THANKS Aoife