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  1. on further testing, it seems that STS is truncating the last tag on the template.. if my last tag is </html> - the following </ is actually output (& then displayed at the bottom of all pages) instead of </html> if I change the very last tag to <font> it only truncates the trailing > sign, resulting in <fon being displayed... this happens with the stock STS template on a fresh MS2 v2 install .Has anyone else seen this unusual behavior? Thanks in advance.
  2. having a hard time searching for this, but I've been putting up a few new osc sites, with 2.2ms2 v2 & the latest STS, and every time, each page has a trailing </ on the bottom of the index page is this a reported issue? I've had it happen on a few different servers recently, just using the stock milestone osc, not modified, & simply copying over the sts files & adding the info in the configure.php will produce this 'error' each time..any ideas?