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  1. dtricke

    [contribution] Total B2B

    Hi, I installed totalb2b and everything seems to work ok, accept the checkout_confirmation.php page. Just below you can find the error I get on checkout_confirmation Fatal error: Call to undefined method currencies::display_price_nodiscount() in /home/trickebe/public_html/shop/checkout_confirmation.php on line 196 I hope you can help me to get totalb2b up and running. Thanks a lot! Regards, Patrick
  2. Hoi! I would like to add a checkbox to my shop at the end of the online sale just before the customer presses "confirm order" so that the customer needs to select this chekcbox in order to agree with my terms and conditions and to close the sale..... Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot! Regards Tricke :rolleyes: