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  1. HI there,


    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this thread and Mark for the contribution

    I'm a little confused about the costs its outputing.


    ive set the tare on all products to 1 - not sure how that works but hey ho.

    The product i'm testing with has no attributes.(apart from the weight obviously (300))


    my figures arent matching those anywhere in the contribution. any ideas gratefully received.


    good luck,



  2. can anyone tell me if they have any strong feelings about this contribution?


    oops that was supposed to be UK-Based osCommerce 2.2




    If it does what it says on the box and doesnt cause too many bugs then, hey..what a great idea, half the customers are from the uk.


    I've pretty much got a fresh install so the world's my oyster i guess.

    rearranging the date format would be handy.


    I read a few posts regarding the county selection.

    Can any uk store developers out there give me their opinion please.

    I'm not great at comming up with code and personally see the benefit of keeping the fresh install pretty much as it was supposed to be.


    Thanks very much in advance.

  3. Please can someone tell me which the best payment modules to use are.

    I'm trying to set my client up with a small online clothes shop based in london but ideally selling worldwide.


    She doesnt have a merchant account or anything yet. My options are open I guess.


    Just a little guidance would be handy as to which methods fit with osC latest version.



    Thanks Tim

  4. I would be very grateful if soebody could tell me how they set up the debit card options.

    I have spent 2 days following the steps from the contribution, UK Debit Card (Switch) payment facility but seem to be missing something.


    Has anyone managed to get this to work??

    Was it easy??


    Changes to the payment set up for debit card users are a must for any eshop.


    -I was a little unsure about the folder structure of the contribution. anyone else?


    Any help or advice would be great.