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  1. Scott: I wanted to say I really liked your site! You certainly aren't afraid of color. :) I am going to try out those 2 contribs. and hopefully get them to function the way yours do.
  2. It never fails, the minute I post on this board, I find my problem.
  3. I installed this on OS MS2.2, and I can't get any links or categories to show up on the Links page, as you can see here: http://www.elegantdepressionglass.com/test...hange_links.php The admin section works, except for that line that say this:TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_RECS The other problem I noticed when I try to submit a link from the links page the "continue" button towards the end doesn't go anywhere. It keeps me on the last page. I have obviously misssed something in getting a catgeory and link to show up. I've gone through the install twice and can't find the problem. I am trying this on my test site before putting it in the live store. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I like to say thanks for this contribution first, and second, I have read the whole manual. Those things being said, I didn't have any trouble until I had to start changing the "Image" names. I am not entirely certain I have them correct or not. When I reuploaded the eaypopulate.php file I am getting a parse error on line 1651, which is shown below. I have MS 2.2 installed with the additional images contrib also installed. I looked at my database and took the names off the table there. I need some guidance as to: 1. The cause of the parse error 2. Do I have the images named right in these places: $query .= $v_products_image . '", "' . $v_products_additional_images_id . '", "' . $v_products_medium_images . '", "' . $v_products_popup_images . '", "' #. $v_products_subimage2 . '", "' #. $v_products_bsubimage2 . '", "' #. $v_products_subimage3 . '", "' #. $v_products_bsubimage3 . '", "' ------>line 1651 $query .= " '$v_products_model', '$v_products_price', '$v_db_status', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, $v_date_added, $v_date_avail, '$v_tax_class_id', '$v_products_weight', '$v_products_quantity', '$v_manufacturer_id') I didn't have the parse error before I changed the names. Thanks for your assistance & time. Cindyd
  5. I swear, sometimes it seems that once I post on this board and embarass myself, the darn thing decides to cooperate. It wasn't the contrib, it was the operator. OK, nothing to see here. :oops:
  6. I need some guidance on having the link appear. It seems I am doing something wrong, I have added '<a href="http://www.mywebsite.com/catalog/allprods.php' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ALLPRODS, '', 'NONSSL') . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_ALLPRODS . '</a><br>' . to my categories.php under includes/boxes but it isn't showing up. I tried to add it to the What's new box and it didn't show there either. Please someone have mercy on me, and tell me what I have to fix. Thanks CIndyd
  7. Hi Wheat: thanks for the link. Can you tell me if the resize is done by percentage? I have found just inputting width or height just doesn't cut it for my application. I would like so say for example: Large image at 100% Medium at 50% and small at 25%. The other way doesn't take into account proportions. If you get this working would you send me a link to your store so I can take a look? I also have the additional images mod in place.
  8. Wheat said: Does this really exist ---->3_Sizes_of_product_image mod ?? I have searched for it but it comes up no matches found. That is exactly what I am looking for!
  9. cindyd

    [Contribution] Image Resize v1.5

    I just installed this contribution and I don't see anything different in my control panel. What I am trying to accomplish is this: Upload a normal image whatever x 400 in size, but on the category page I would like it to be resized to 25% proportionally. So there is a thumbnail on the category page and when you click to enlarge it really does. As it stands right now I have a thumbnail uploaded as the first picture which I have resized before uploading, but when I click to enlarge it doesn't. It didn't before I added this mod either. So then I upload another image (using the additional image mod) where I can upload a normal size picture & thumbnail. But I look like a moron with 2 images both saying "click to enlarge" For an example of what I mean, you can look here: http://www.elegantdepressionglass.com/cata...&products_id=31 Setting the images to a certain height in the control panel doesn't resize them in proportion, I've already tried that. Am I looking in the wrong place for this?
  10. cindyd


    Thank you Jose for posting this! I just wish I had started reading backwards from page 33. Please read this post to see a solution: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...tart=290#217634 The file you have to edit is catalog/includes/coolmenu.php. Look for the line that says: $height.= 2.65*count($categories); That's were you have to include the code from the link above. Good luck!
  11. OK, I got the above problem handled, but I am left with this error: On line 5 is: <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'meta_tags.php'); ?>
  12. I just installed this contribution (that latest one released today) and I am getting this error: On line 150 is this: require(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . TEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE); I have nothing but blank pages, please advise. Thanks Cindyd
  13. I wish we could edit on this board, please disregard my post.
  14. cindyd


    Would someone save me from reading 33 pages? I went to replace the coolmenu.php file in catalog/includes/boxes with the new one.....only there wasn't one. I did a clean install of 2.2 a few days ago and only have 1 mod on it so far. I went ahead with the changes to catalog/includes/classes/boxes.php but nothing is changed. Here is my site: (not ready for the public yet) http://www.elegantdepressionglass.com/cata...talog/index.php Thanks for your help. Cindyd
  15. I had to reupload the original files and redo that 1 mod and got it working again. I am still having trouble with pictures, your suggestion that I leave the pop-up image blank was already in place. Please look here at the image: http://www.elegantdepressionglass.com/cata...&products_id=41 That was previously OK in its smaller size, but now it is distorted. I don't know what I have to change to get these right again. Please help. Thanks