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  1. JBirdAngel

    Easy Populate (cant get forum thread to work)

    hello, i got it to work thanks, i think my problem was that i wasnt putting in product names. (you can have "blank" product names just put a space in the product name field) thanks - jason
  2. Hello, i would post this in the Easy Populate thread, but i cnat get it to work, i can see the first page of posts, when i try to go to a post from today i get an error... i am trying to get easy populate to work, it looked like it was originally trying to go to catalog//catalog/temp but i switched it so its going to catalog/temp, i mention this just incase my changing this messed it up. i downloaded products just fine, and i tried to upload them, i got it to look like it worked, but i dont see the items anywhere, i downloaded the list again and it has all the items on there, but i still dont see them, it had all but 1, the one i see on my site as inactive, i thought maybe this was it, so i put them all as active and re uploaded, didnt see them, downloaded again, they are still put as inactive, it does however make a new category as there must be an error in my download sheet as it takes some info from an item and makes a Taxable Goods category and atleast for that one Admin will say there is 1 product in there and when i try to delete it it says there is a product still linked to it, but when i look in it in admin or on the site, there is nothing. any ideas? thanks - jason
  3. Hello, i am using the product listing module, and i am wondering if there is a way to center the price underneath the product image, it looks like the product name is, unless it just happens that way with the names i have had so far, but i would like both of these to be centered under the image if possible. i tried to put code into the item price field when entering a product, but realized this doesnt work as it makes the gross net product box not be able to give an answer. Joh 3:16 KJVR (16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. thank you- - jason