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  1. I am sorry guys, I do know the creator, and know a lil about this contrib. but with my current health issues, and my mother having cancer, and me having her care 24/7, I have not had a chance to take a look at anything for the past 6 months, If I can find time to contact the creator, I'll do my best, but I cant make any promises. My mother and her cancer, and me, having heart failure, just dont leave me as much time as i wish for my web. it was my life,, now DR.s are,, LOL and as much money as i spent on my web,, LOL i spend a lot more on DR's,, Anyway,, I'll try to contact Chris, and see if he can help us, I do know he no longer uses the mod as he changed to DHL for his total delivery needs and built a mod along with them for OSC and seems to love it. says it cut his cost by almost half. I have been meaning to check on switching myself but this all came up and I have not been doing anything or p ushing business.. Regards and my appologies to all that i cant be more active and help with the issue right now. Tom
  2. Qwiz

    USPS Labels not working

    Hey Brandon Thanks for the reply, Sorry for delay in response, as i been pulling hair on this one. My whole file looks totally different than yours. so i am still trying,, but there is ver little simularity in the form area,, At any rate, I wanted to let you know i was greatful for your effert. Regards Tom
  3. Qwiz

    USPS Labels not working

    Hmm,, changed the names of the fields, but not sure i understand where to change the form submitted to, and what to change that to. Any one point me there? Thanks Tom
  4. Yup,, looks like they changed something. I just sent a text msg to the creator, maybe he will have a clue. I do know he has changed shippers, but he might have an ideal of what they done. Good luck to all, Regards Tom
  5. Qwiz

    Payment Moduals

    I was wondering, if ,, in general, payment mods, such as cc, carry the company name to the cc processor, or just the client name. the reason i ask, is i do local delivery to office areas, where i can do mulit orders at one stop. If these ppl place an order online and pay by credit card, if i have them put the office name or delivery location name in there profile under "company name" so i know where to deliver it to, would that effect the CC processing? or does it simply carry the Client name with the billing details? Thanks in advance Tom
  6. I am not sure if there is a mod that can do what I would like to do, but if so, if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be greatful. I have local sales rounds once every two weeks. These are offices where multi ppl buy things , or they call an order in to me and i bring it special on those days to make sure I have what they want. What I would like to do, is offer them a way that they could go to the web site, place an order, and pay for it in there individual account. allow them to choose say LDA as shipping option (Local Delivery Account), put in the location number/code so I would know where it goes, and not be charged the standard shipping charges. Does anyone know of a contribution that would allow something like this,,? maybe i would have to change some text but is there anyting that would allow something simular to what i want? or did I just confuse everyone? Thanks in advance Tom
  7. Qwiz

    Product Attributes

    yup,,, as always,,, an id 10 t error. ;) i had missed a line, all working now thanks you da man Regards Tom
  8. Qwiz

    Product Attributes

    hmm got it installed, but i rechecking things,,, its not sorting correctly by the numbers i set.. its still doing the same thing it was doing b4,, no change in output to clients hmm Regards Tom
  9. Qwiz

    Product Attributes

    Thanks again Iggy, that didnt give me the results i was looking for. its still out of line using that. <edit> wait,,, i just installed the fix,, i missed the first file,, gotta install that part. <end edit> Thanks for trying though. Regards Tom
  10. Qwiz

    Product Attributes

    Hey Iggy, thanks for the reply. Looking at that option, Attributes Manager. it has three columns. the first, is a checkbox to select the option itslef. the second is the value price of it. and the third is the prefix, - + no option there for sort order. or maybe there has been an update,, i'll check that. Thanks for the input. Regards Tom
  11. Qwiz

    Product Attributes

    Hey Tom, Tom here again. Actually,, I have two attribute mods installed . New Att. Manager http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1119 and Prod. Att. - Option type manager. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,160 and under either, i cant find a sort order. not sure if i am missing something, or just still not what i wanted,, lol Thanks for the reply Tom
  12. I am trying to set product attributes for my product, When I have a list of them, it defaults to the highest price first. How do I get it to default to the -select- or standard $0. choice. When it defaults to the highest one, ppl dont always read,, to see whats goin on,, they just see the price in cart is higher than what the catalog had shown. and they stop the order process. Anyone have any ideals? Regards Tom
  13. Dan, its really rather simple,, you can edit not only the weight, but all aspects of the lable prior to taking it to the pay / print area. In fact, with my orders, i pack them, put them on scale and weight them and adjust the weight myself so i dont over pay, or under pay and cause a return and late delivery. I do pay for mine online as well, and there is also an option to scedual a pickup after you have paid, as that is part of the usps options. and yes,, u can take advantage of the Free delivery confirmation option. Hope this helps Tom
  14. Qwiz


    Ken, that is set in u'r admin panel, under configuration, affiliate program. cookie life you can set how long the cookie lives for them to return to make a purchase and it be counted to the proper affiliate. two weeks, a month,, u set the time frame. Hope this helps Tom
  15. Qwiz

    File Library v1.0

    Hey Douglas Sorry for delay in thanking you for the response. I didnt get an email on this one, and just happened to look at the thread again. Thanks for taking time to reply Regards Tom