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  1. kagg

    Paypal processing but no order

    Are you using paypal IPN payment module? If yes, there must be an option to set (Should Products Stock be updated even when the payment is not yet COMPLETED) while configuring this module through admin -> modules -> payment. All orders are saved in the database with status "Paypal Processing" before the customer is redirected to paypal site to make the payment. So even if the customer do not make the payment at paypal, the order is still there in admin with status "Paypal Processing" unless thety are dleted by admin. You have to modify the code to restock the products when the status is changed to "cancelled"
  2. kagg

    International postage price is 10% short

    Can you show me the code in your domestic and shipping method files?
  3. kagg

    International postage price is 10% short

    What shipping method are you using for international orders?
  4. kagg

    International postage price is 10% short

    If you want to apply 10% tax to other countries, add another tax rate as 10% with tax class as "GST" and tax zone as "Others". So there will be 2 tax rates for the same class..... one for "australia Zone" and the other for international "Others"
  5. kagg

    International postage price is 10% short

    Have you defined GST for other countries?
  6. kagg

    hide payment method based on country?

    Do you mean all countries receive correct payment options except USA or all countries receive correct payment options only when you refresh the browser? Are you using the same browser for different country logins?
  7. kagg

    hide payment method based on country?

    Do you have only one address from USA in this profile and set it as default address? Can you send me the URL of your site?
  8. You can use the following module for free shipping: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,442
  9. Change the sort order for discount coupon and gift voucher in order total modules. Make discount coupon before gift voucher.
  10. kagg


    I have installed affiliate branding. But when I click on "Products" to add products, it takes back to affiliate_affiliate login page in catalog. This is because it is not recognizing session value for affiliate id in admin directory. Any solution will be appreciated.
  11. Install edit order module http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1435 With this module you can add shipping costs manually for each order through admin.
  12. Do you have working admin site on the same server? If yes, try replacing admin/modules.php from working site to non-working site. You may try following modifications in admin/modules.php: Find followng lines: Replace the above lines with following:
  13. Can you post "admin/modules.php"?
  14. The permissions should be set 755 (rwxr-xr-x) on all 3 directories in catalog/includes/module/ as well on catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/
  15. This problem is normally related to directory permssions or read directory command (not executable by php version on your server) in "admin/modules.php" On which folders have you changed the permissions?