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  1. bammhost

    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    can anyone help me? please :blink: ...if I've left out information that's needed please let me know.
  2. bammhost

    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    Hello, Although I spend a lot of time in the forum, this is my first time actually posting. I have spent the last few days trying to install this contribution. I have gone through every post in this thread trying to figure out what I am doing incorrectly to no avail. I found different things to try, which I have, I've even uninstalled and reinstalled osc and started over from scratch - installing nothing but the FCKeditor, still to no avail...now I'm just confused. I followed all the instructions, modified all the files, uploaded define_mainpage.php to the /catalog/includes/languages/english/ chmod to 777 (tried 755 as well), uploaded define_mainpage.php to /catalog/admin/ chmod to 777 (tried 755 as well). When I log into the admin for the cart, I see the link Define Mainpage in the Catalog menu, I click on it and I see the heading: Define Mainpage define_mainpage.php 404 PAGE NOT FOUND...bla bla bla Save Cancel I have a feeling that it has something to do with the path to the editor itself, but I'm not completely sure. There are several files that contain the path if I'm not mistaken, I'm listing them below along with what I have as the setting: /catalog/admin/FCKeditor/FCKeditor.php $this->BasePath = '/home/usr/public_html/catalog/admin/FCKeditor'; /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php: define('DIR_FCKEDITOR', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'FCKeditor/'); define('DIR_WS_FCKEDITOR', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'FCKeditor/'); /catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php require("FCKeditor/fckeditor.php"); $oFCKeditor -> BasePath = '/home/usr/public_html/catalog/admin/FCKeditor/'; From what I have read in this thread, many of you have it working wonderfully...even with your images, which I look forward to figuring out next...BUT I just want to get this thing working initially but I can't it's about driven me out of my mind. Can anyone help me...guide me in the right direction. If I ever figure it out I think that I'll write new instructions from a-z so that others do not have to go through this....of course that is IF I EVER figure it out. Thanks a bunches for any help at all. BAMMHOST
  3. bammhost

    Multi images extra contribution

    Where did you send the corrections to? I just downloaded the contribution and installed it and i am getting the same error.