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  1. thats the thing though, it isn't 50 items - its 1. Thank you for the reply, i'll see if i cant find a solution in the readme.
  2. ME too... somebody PLZZZZ help. Im using UPS XML Rates and Services module.
  3. Im using the UPS XML Rates and Services contribution and am running into some problems. The main problem is that UPS is returning an error which says "110003: Maximum number of packages exceeded (50)". Each of our products is shipped in a single package, so I don't know where it is getting this number of packages from. Ive looked through a lot of the PHP, no luck. Any ideas ?
  4. bump
  5. I'm using the WPP module here, and it is returning errors saying i am missing the file Services/PayPal.php . INFACT the Services/ directory doesnt even EXIST. Im positive I did not remove it or its children files. Do I need this directory/file? IF SO, where can i get it? plzzz help. thanks~ cheers!