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  1. Hi. Is it possible to extract and use just the Canada Post Automatic Labels part of the contribution? I only have 1 kinds of product so shipping is same for everyone so I do not have to get realtime shipping quote.
  2. Hi...I just downloaded it and it's great. It's not corrupt...png file is in layers so when you open it with png file viewer, it's showing you layers that are active...I think it's showing instruvtion page. Open it with fireworks and you can activate or deactivate to see the buttons. Thanks again...I will play with your buttons and see if I can come up with something too. Thanks.
  3. joongpark

    contributions list by date

    I also agreed on using at my own risk but we could always make it safer for everyone....That's the whole point of the project right? Make it better...When I contributed my first, I automatically though it would get screened by someone before getting posted. Anyway, This Project is here to stay and if we think long run, we do need better system for the contribution section and this forum Forum is getting harder and harder to look for information because same questions are being asked over and over again so we need knowlege base or some sort of FAQ system. Also better search feature and better categoriezed forum. Contribution section should be in this forum...like posting with file attached so we can vote and see how many people have downloaded them. Of course posting should be closed for replies. Anyway...that's just my though.
  4. joongpark

    Special Buttons for Contributions

    I would like Korean Buttons but I don't think you can do them since you will need Korean IME and also requires different keyboard. I think I will have to wait until .png files are available so I can do them my self and send them back to you. Do you have any idea when you will make .png files available? or can you send me 1 .png file so I can make 1 set and send them back to you? Please let me know...thanks. I am almost done with Korean language pack for contribution so it would be nice to have matching buttons to go with it too.
  5. joongpark

    Special Buttons for Contributions

    I think you also left out these two images includeslanguagesenglishimagesbuttons button_tell_a_friend.gif button_quick_find.gif Thanks.
  6. joongpark

    Special Buttons for Contributions

    catalog2imagesinfobox arrow_right.gif corner_left.gif corner_right.gif corner_right_left.gif Thoses are standard buttons that come with oscomerce. It makes those round coners in info boxes. See the modified version of these corner images at http://www.movion.com/demo/catalog/default.php So...it will be nice to have for example> If I use Milano Type 1 Green buttons, It people could download Green infobox images and stylesheet to match the infobox colors. People can always elect not to use infobox image and style but it would be cool to give them matching look.
  7. request for additional buttons catalog2imagesinfobox there are 4 images for corners of boxes. Would be nice to have them in same theme as buttons. includeslanguagesenglishimagesbuttons Tell-a-friend and quick-seach button is not pretty. Would be nice to have them with themes. Thanks...just a suggestion
  8. I think as many people said...it would be waste of time to develop theme until 2.2 final is released. However...I think it's not too early to start working on it...instead of just working on buttons we should create sub-project with people who are graphically talented and start creating following 1. buttons 2. optional backgrounds 3. icons (like review, check out, payment icons) 4. Style Sheets If we develop this now, we can start using them also we can turn them into themes when 2.2 final and theme mod is released. What do you think?
  9. I think I am one of the first one to download your images and they are absolutely beautiful...and there are so many sets I did not even have chance to look at all of them. Wow....good job. I do graphic design as well so I would like to help so is it possible to post one of your teplate work in either psd or any format that will allow me to edit? Also you might want to sumit a contribution at download area...it's too big to contribute each image file so upload html page with link to download aread...that's what others do. Also post new message under contribution with title [contribution] so people know it's a new contribution. Again...good job
  10. joongpark

    [contribution] Credit Card Info Box v1.0

    After reading all the postings, I decided to come up with new version. One that shows only credits cards that are being accepted. If no credit card then box does not show. It will be better for store owner since it will only show ones that are being accepted. I won't be able to work on it right away so if someone has time, please help !! It will be nice feature.
  11. What's the latest in your project? I would like to contribute and participate if I can...I think many people are anxiously waiting to hear from you since it's great project. I would not mind being part of it. oh...also. Since OSC is opensource, the whole idea is to improve it and make it better so I don't think you have to ask anyone for permission to use the original artwork in this project. Hope to hear from you soon.
  12. joongpark

    [contribution] Credit Card Info Box v1.0

    I don't know much about law but there are thousands of sites that display them and those credit card companies do make money off of us so let them sue me for using their logo...I sure that will piss everyone off.
  13. joongpark

    [contribution] Credit Card Info Box v1.0

  14. I just submit my first contribution ever...I am so happy It's little info box that shows image of credit cards. No live shop should be without it so I made one. check it out at my demo shop www.movion.com click on any site and go to "custom shop demo" or http://www.movion.com/demo/catalog/default.php hope it's useful to everyone.