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  1. kapearl

    Imprint Text Options

    Anyone else had the problem of SOMETIMES the text attribute not coming through? This contribution seems to be working well (although not compatible with STS or PAYPAL IPN) most of the time. Every once in a while, it doesn't, with out anything being changed. Any ideas? Also, anyone get this working with STS or Paypal IPN? Thanks.. Great Contribution... hope to see an update. This one is so much easier to use than the product attributes/option type feature.
  2. kapearl

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I need help getting Paypal IPN working with the Imprint Text Options contribution! I have spent weeks with this. None of my clients orders are getting through because they don't click the return to merchant link at paypal. I have IPN installed and it works with all my other contributions, except the text options which is the most important because it is a custom stationary site. So, I can't use it yet. I have the product attributes contribution installed and that works with IPN so I know it can be done. Is there anyone who could help me with this? The imprint text option post has the same questions posted with no responses ever. Please help!! Karen
  3. Yeah, I am having the same trouble. I have searched the code for about an hour now.. there isn't anything about the infobox class so i am assuming it goes like that by default maybe. I would like it to have the same class setting as the list mode! Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. kapearl

    Recover Cart Sales

    Would this contribution work for me? I am having a problem with paypal orders not being completed if the person doesn't click the return to merchant button. Most people are sending me to the paypal IPN module but since I use the module Imprint text options, which doesn't work with paypal IPN, I can't use it! I need to be able to see peoples shopping carts so after I get a paypal payment (but no order shows up because it wasn't officially completed) I can see what the order was and not have to email the person to ask them what they ordered!! I saw that this said it wouldn't work untill after the person had been emailed... which I think is not what I am looking for. Any suggestions? Thanks, Karen
  5. kapearl

    Imprint Text Options

    Yeah, I need this too! Half my orders aren't being completed because of people not clicking the return to merchant button (if they don't have a paypal account) and becuase of this module, paypal IPN doesn't work! I need these text options and the product attribute module is too cumbersome to use. Anyone? I may have to switch carts if I can't get these two to work!!! Any help would be super appreciated!!! Karen
  6. Glad you figured it out and posted your sollution for others with the same problem!!
  7. I am having the same problem! Looking through the code on product_info.php I see that it sets the number of rows, but not the width. How do we add that? I tried just adding COLS=20 below where it says rows=5, but that did nothing. How can I define the width of the textarea box using php code, which I know little about!?! Thanks, Karen
  8. I didn't make any changes to the database, again, I just disabled my sts contribution.
  9. Sorry no. For me it was the the template contribution I added (sts). When I disabled it, it worked. I tried another (imprint text options) thinking it was that I installed it wrong, but had the same problem. Best of luck, I feel your pain.
  10. kapearl

    Imprint Text Options

    I tried doing this but kept getting parse errors. Where does this go exactly? Where is the sts_product_info.php file.. I think I found 2 but neither of them had the "I put it just under the bit" code that followed! I would be so greatful to get these two contributions working together! Thanks!
  11. OK, so I figured out why I was only getting drop down menus.. just in case anyone else had this problem too! I also installed the STS v4.2 (simple template) that was messing it up. Once I disabled the product info template, it was just fine!
  12. I know this is an older post, but when I go to my database, I don't have the "product_options_type_select" line in the database?! Because that would solve my problem. Basicly, everything is a dropdown menu. Buttons, checkboxes, text area, etc.. are all just dropdown menus! Which is great if I am using a dropdown menu, but I mostly need text fields. I have re-installed this a couple times, on a fresh install and manually. So, I am guessing my problem is a database problem. Anyone have any ideas. I am not great with the database part (I have phpmyadmin). I think this pic includes all the attribute fields... are there any missing like the one stated above where the values were incorrect? Sorry for asking about this so much... but I just can't get it fixed!
  13. Can I delete the fields in the database and redo the database part of this? Which fields would I delete? I think product_options, product_option_values, and product_option_values_to_product_options seem to be related to this contribution. Do I delete those 3 and run the database part again? And also this part: "IMPORTANT: You should create *exactly one* TEXT Option Value.? Once you create this value, you should not change it." Is that something for the manual creation or if you use the enclosed sql file. I still cant get a text box... just a drop down menu with the word text!
  14. Thanks jacenstuff... that was super clear. I am still not getting a text box, just a drop down menu that now says "headertext!" I installed this on a fresh install, but I am guessing I just have it installed wrong.
  15. So, never found the bundled download version and found better instructions - I had just not checked the newer downloads! I have run into a problem that 2 others had but never saw a solution. I am confused using this, first off! When I create a text box, all I get is a dropdown menu with the word text in it! I have been staring at the directions for hours now and just don't get how to create a text box. If anyone can point out step by step (for a newbie, sorry) the steps to adding a text box. Touching on the three areas in the admin panel; product options, option values, and product values. I am trying to add options for a customized stationary store. So I want to have like 5 lines of text boxes. Any help or pointing me towards another post would be great.