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  1. rave_un2


    Hell all, I have the CCGV(trad) installed and working nicely. However I was wondering if anyone had run into the problem of having a free shipping amount set and coupons granting free shipping to customers who are under threshold. For example, all orders over $250 receive free shipping. If you use a coupon on your $260 item, you are now under the threshold but receive free shipping anyway. This isn't a problem with ccgv contribution itself, of course, but I thought maybe some others had run into this situation and could share how they handled it. Many thanks!
  2. rave_un2


    Ah, thank you so much. Yes, I knew the figures were correct but my aim is to have total show the actual total charged (so after the discount is subtracted) and the tax line show the amount of tax included after the discount. There is no discount on tax itself, as you said, but after the goods are discounted there will be proportionally less tax, and I believe the local tax man requires this to be displayed correctly! :-) I will adjust the order as you have indicated, and see how it goes from there. Thank you again!
  3. rave_un2


    Hello, Thanks for this contribution - installation went very smoothly and it is quite easy to use. I do have a query that I hope someone can help with (I have Googled for this but could not find any mention of it). On the checkout page, after entering a coupon code, the total amount is show with the discount applied after the total. For example: Sub-Total: $386.00 Shipping: $0.00 GST 10.0%: $35.09 Total: $386.00 Discount Coupons:TEST: -$38.60 When really the Discount needs to be included after the Sub-Total, so the GST (tax) and Total figures are correct. Is this just a problem on my install - have I done something wrong? Thanks very much in advance.