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    Google Checkout Only

    The problem is you actually need to edit the file shopping_cart.php to remove the checkout button. I'll be back at work tomorrow and can post some information for you... you'll need to remove some other PHP files, too, just to make sure malicious users don't try browsing to them. I'll post some code in the morning. Sit tight. :D
  2. rszrama

    phpBB and osCommerce

    You won't find much help theming a phpBB site in the osC forums. You really ought to look into support at http://www.phpbb.com. That said, you'll need to modify the template for you forum to include the appropriate files from your catalog directory. I've got not clue how to do that, I just know it needs to be done.
  3. rszrama

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Yeah, my bad on the import screw-up, and thanks for your reply Adam. I was using Crimson editor and forgot that for purposes of uploading/editing in vi I had set it to save tabs as two spaces. No tabs...no import. :blush:
  4. rszrama

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Support issue: I'm trying to modify a .iff file to import a different set of data. Basically, instead of the entire customer list, I want to be able to import the most recent customers who have not been imported without importing all the new orders. Unfortunately, I am running into walls all over the place. Here's the deal. I first tried exporting the whole customer list, just grabbing the first few lines of the file, making that into a new .iif file, and importing that to see if I can do just a few entries instead of the whole list. That doesn't seem to work. It won't import any customers unless I import the whole list. I thought perhaps it might have something to do with me not importing the orders first, but I realized I am able to import the entire list of customers into a blank company. I really just don't know what's preventing me from grabbing just a few or the most recent customers. I can't find good documentation on the web for structuring my .iif files, and Quickbooks is confusing enough without trying to sync it with osC. Any help would be appreciated, and I'll continue to search this thread and the rest of the net. Thanks, Ryan