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  1. spectr17


    Thanks Mibble :thumbsup:
  2. spectr17

    authorize.net capture

    We've got the same need. So far no luck in searching the forum here for an answer. Anyone?
  3. spectr17

    Authorize.net and General Error

    I just added a second email using another email host under the "contact" section of Authorize.net. Net sure which options to check so I checked Under the I wasn't sure whether to check this or not so I left it unchecked. This is checked in our primary email contact setting. :huh: What a pain in the butt the General Error is. When I called Authorize.net they didn't have a clue on why it happened. >_<
  4. spectr17


    How can you just authorize credit card charges and then later capture them for payment? For example, say an item is on back order and you just want to authorize the card for the sale and then capture the amount once the item ships. Authorize.net says it has to do with shopping cart software and I see no settings or options to do what we want with them in osC. They also say you can authorize payments and then later go back and capture them with the virtual terminal. We're using osCommerce 2.2-MS2 Thanks for any help
  5. Using Gift Voucher System v1.0 From several customers. How did you stop the email gift voucher incentive? Thanks,
  6. I did that and 'TITLE_PRINT_ORDER' changed to just "Order # #" now. There is no order # listed when I print the customer invoice, just Order # #. I also have a lil red x where my logo should go. Right clicking the red x I get http://xxxxxxxx/osCommerce/images/STORE_LOGO I'm guessing I need to define STORE_LOGO ??? THanks for any help.
  7. Trying to move 2.2 CVS catalog to 2.2 MS2. I installed Easy Populate on my old 2.2 CVS and my new store using 2.2 MS2. The Easy Populate works good on the 2.2 MS2 but I can't get the Easy Populate to work on the 2.2 CVS to download and move catalog. Using Easy Populate UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2003 I get the Easy Populate link but when I click on it in Admin I get this error I don't see a database_tables.php in my 2.2 CVS . I tried uploading database_tables.php' from my new 2.2 MS2 but no help. I have catalog/temp installed along with easypopulate.php and easypopulate_functions.php. Also tried the easypopulate_functions-oldersnaps.php Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I'm using CVS 2.2. Can I use an older version or should I bite the bullet and get 2.2 MS2? Thanks for the help