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  1. I'm running the OSC 2.3.4 BS version - I've used it with succes for a year.


    I have a few challenges after changing the site to SSL - most are solved but I have a problem with all href's created by USU5 are not adding the https://... but keeps showing the http:// prefix. I have tryed to "clean cache" - "remove cache" without any change. I have also tryed to toggel the different URI formats - no change


    It's obvious that something is wrong with my version. I have searched this forum without finding help in this matter.


    So could anyone help in the right direction here??


    I have "fixed" the problem true site redirect in apache - but I expect there should be a better solution..


    Feel free to view one of the sites that causing me problems: www.vandpleje.dk 


    If you inspect one of the product images you'll find that the href has no "https" but just "http" 

  2. I'm in the process of installing the QPBPP on top of my current OSC. I hesitated at the "classes/shopping_cart.php" since the change from doing the "select products" to using PriceFormatterStore seems to create some problems with "Bundle Product" contribution.


    Therefore I need some suggestion for the modifications I need to best make the merge.


    Does anyone have suggestions to applying the changes to PriceFormatterStore.php code to facilitate the "Bundle Product" contribution




  3. I've installed the FEC contribution - and it all seems to work very fine. However one problem seems to occure.


    1. Customer buys from the shop - key in his details incl. his email - but doesn't sign up for an account.

    2. Customer comes back to buy 2nd time - key in his details incl. his email - this time however an error message with "email already in use" occures.


    How can this be avoided ??




  4. I have a catergory with the name "extra" and a subcat within that called "flicker lights"


    I would expect to get til following string for a category:






    But I'm getting:




    Where would that be controlled :'(