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  1. fitshop

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I have added this contribution and it seems to work fine. However, the only problem that i have is the width of the boxes (in left column). The boxes are now much wider than i want, as they are fitting in the category names (ie: not wrapping the text and having narrow box). - www.fitness-shop.com.auDoes anyone know of a fix for this? i have searched for an answer, but have not had any luck. Cheers, Richard
  2. fitshop

    News Blog V1.0

    Sorry guys, but i have found 2 new problems. 1) Even though i have more than 1 News/Article, there is only 1 rss feed icon displayed in the page that shows the list of news/articles (in /news.php). If i click on the rss feed icon it does send me to the article susbcription page, but it only shows the first article that i added to the site. Should i have an rss feed displayed for each article? or how do i get it to work so each article can be subscribed to? 2) On the main page where all of the news/articles are displayed (/news.php) there is a 'view all' button. however, when i press it the page doesn't display any news/articles. Any ideas? Cheers, Richard
  3. fitshop

    News Blog V1.0

    disregard. i've figured it out!
  4. fitshop

    News Blog V1.0

    I have installed this contribution without too much trouble. i have tested adding, replying to articles, etc and all seems to work ok. However, when i open the page that lists all news articles i get this comment at the top of the page: Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in ......../includes/functions/database.php on line 99 Any ideas what this means? Ta, Richard
  5. fitshop

    Menu Tab Addon

    Oops, the 'menu tab example site' link did not work. this is the site - www.professionalwhey.com.au
  6. fitshop

    Menu Tab Addon

    I saw this oscommerce based website and liked the way they used the menu tabs across the top of their page (and therefore did not need boxes on left and right side of page) - menu tab example site Can anyone tell me of an Addon/contribution that will do this for my site? Thanks, Richard
  7. fitshop

    How to complete order process?

    I have installed Paypal Website Payments Standard, and it works great. This only issue i am having (as are many others) is that if the customer does not complete the PayPal process by clicking to return to my site, the order is not complete - it shows as 'preparing'. I still get the email from PayPal verifying payment, which means i know i have the order, even though i dont get the automatically generated website order emailed to me. I can then go into my Admin>Customers>Orders and see the complete order there - so i know what has been ordered. I also have "Recover Cart Sales" addon installed, which again is great! So, with these incomplete PayPal orders, whilst showing in my 'orders' page, they are still showing in my Recover Cart Sales (incomplete orders) list. Normally with the incomplete orders (in Recover Cart Sales) there is an option to delete the order (or email the customer). However, with these incomplete PayPal process orders, the delete button is not there. So, i have 2 issues: 1 - how do i delete the order from the Recover Cart Sales list? 2 - is there a way to get into paypal to complete the order for the customer? Yes, that was quite long winded, but i hope i make sense! Cheers, Richard
  8. fitshop

    Free shipping for certain products only

    I am also using table rates based on price, and am looking for a way to add products to my site that will have free shipping. are you saying that by just adding the following code (with no other contribution) that this will do the trick: if (round($total_weight / 777) == $total_count) { $free_shipping = true; include(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php'); } if so, which file does this code go into? Thanks, Richard
  9. fitshop

    need help with title tags

    I have both installed and they work just fine. Have you double checked that you have installed the Header Tags SEO exactly as you are supposed to? i know that sounds a little silly, but mine did not work initially either. i spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out (and got some advice by other forum members). in the end, i reinstalled it, making sure i did EXACTLY as i was supposed to - and it worked at treat. otherwise, firstly check that you have your Page Control settings correct. Richard www.fitness-shop.com.au
  10. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    sorry, that link wont work as it has an end bracket at the end of it. the proper link is http://www.fitness-shop.com.au/weights-benches-c-39.html Richard
  11. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks for that - so no point in doing it then. Another little project i have in mind.... I would like to add '| Fitness Shop' to every category page title. so, for example, when on my Weights Benches category, the title will show 'Weights Benches | Fitness Shop', as will the rest of them. If i add this manually in the settings used in Header Tags SEO (in the Header Tags Category Title), it does what i want. however, it also shows at the top of the product page where the category name and description are. (look at this so you know what i mean - http://www.fitness-shop.com.au/weights-benches-c-39.html). Is there another way to manually modify the page titles to add it to each title so it only shows in the page title and not at the top of the category page text. I hope this makes sense. Richard
  12. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    with reference to the Header Tag functions when editing a Category, the 'Header Tags Category Description' only seems to allow a certain number of characters. Is there any way to increase the number of characters allowed? i basically want this 'Header Tags Category Description' to be the same as my 'Header Tags Categories Description' - the text shown to describe the category). i tried to paste all the information into that box, but it only keeps a couple sentences of it. Cheers, Richard
  13. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    yeah, i did think about contacting them. but in the end i took a positive from it all - i learnt a few things about the contribution. and sometimes it is just easier to walk away from a problem - that's business for you!! But, thanks again for all your help. Its people like you that make this forum what it is. Cheers, Richard
  14. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    I decided to reinstall the whole contribution. and after a looooong time i finally got it right. and the canonical code is now showing in the index page :-) (not too happy that i paid someone to install this contribution, then had to re-do it all myself when it wasn't working!!) Richard.
  15. fitshop

    Header Tags SEO

    I have searched through all the files/folders in the contribution, and compared them to what i have installed. They all appear to be correct. I have 'Tested the Installation' in the Header Tags SEO admin panel - no errors regarding the index page. Where would i look in the contribution files that puts the rel=canonical code into all pages - specifically the index page (perhaps i have an error there)? I cant figure this one out! Do you have any specific ideas as to how i could overcome this problem. I appreciate your time on this. Richard