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  1. greenbill

    Multiple tares

    Has anyone built a way of entering multiple tare weights based on the total order weight yet? I have a client that sells some really light weight stuff (earrings) and some heavier things. They go in different sized packages, and therefore the tares should vary accordingly. The database structure shows two columns under CID101 (Shipping_Box_Weight), use_function and set_fuction. Does this mean that I can write a function which can do what I need? Can I get some pointers at to the use of these columns? Or do I need to build a separate table for multiple tare weights?
  2. greenbill

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thanks for the good work. One bug to report: The Suburb field doesn't auto-populate with the stored value, therefore you lose that line upon updating the order. We're using that field for a second address line - simply changing the title of the field, all else stays the same. (I haven't tested Company, since we don't use that field). I don't see anything particularly off base about the code, but I'm no PHP guru. BC