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  1. Madrilene

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    Hi is there anu solution in Contrib, to do what eastboy show in his example : http://www.glamoutlet.com/Outlet/servlet/c...lorValueID=0002 i'm sure we're quite numerous to have the need of this kind of implementation.... :-" Please, any idea ? Thanks
  2. Hi i'm lokking for exactly the same function (you click option and the picture is refreshed with poto linked with this option), did some one found something ??? :blink: :rolleyes: Thanks
  3. Hello first excuse me for my bad english :-" I 've installed Qt PRO and it works. But i'm a little bit tired of entering so much times products with attibutes and all the value option linked with. As a matter of fact, almost all my products will have the same attributes (like size and color) not always the same options but the general case is that they have 90% most of them. What would be nice for me, isthat i entered the product only with the attributes et one of the option value, and then when i am in the Product stock qt page, i can access all the values of the attributes option in a list and just have to put zéro for one combinaison if it does not exist... Would it be possible ? Is there something like that already existing ? I hope i habe been clear and sorry if the topic has already be treated :rolleyes: Great thanks for the contribution and help
  4. Madrilene

    QTPro 2.1 Patch

    OK Angemum i'll wait for your notes, because for me at the moment it's simply the big bang in my site :)
  5. Madrilene

    QTPro 2.1 Patch

    hello, thank you for anserwing, but in fact it's not a comparaison beetween an old and a new version of QTpro i have to do, it's the first time i implement it on my site, the fact is that i changed before (i added lines) to certain files that QTpro ask me to doanload, so if i do it direct from the files of QT pro certainly i'm going to lost evereithings i made since i began with OS commerce, what would be nice, would be only cut fron QTpro original file and past in my properly files only what is needed to be add or cut :) Another question, what must be the modes for stock and that for QTpro works : stock checking/v?rification : true /false ? ... and so on Tank you very much
  6. Madrilene

    QTPro 2.1 Patch

    hi, i can see the difference with examdiff, but i'm tottally unsure ok wich part i must cut and past ?????Did somebody get the parts of code to modify for each file ? I 'd need to install QTpro but i can't erase all work i made up to this day, can somebody help me please ?
  7. Madrilene

    QTPro Installation

    hi did you get a solution finally, i'm in the same situation :( thank you :shock: