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  1. yanarasod

    Pass osCommerce session IDs into Flash

    Hi I have one Q in store for you guys. In php links the session ids are used only for the 1st time, that is when the user entered the site, and after which session ids are not displayed in the url which are visible earlier in the entry page. Is this flash movie going to have something same, or attach a session id each time a user clicks on it. Do u guys also have any live site example. Thanks
  2. it was working all well, way back two days, if i would have missed somthing in the install then it would have also displayed earlier. it's a big task to re-install everything. :(
  3. hi jack, do you know what's causing this, i am really worried coz, search engines are taking it as keywords. thanks for any help
  4. hi jack i will come back to the sub folder problem later. for now i see that my description and keywords have some define functions at the end, i replaced it (includes/header_tags.php) with a new one, but this doesn't seem to change. the only thing i made monir changes to was configure.php. is there a way to remoce this, or else the search robots will take them as keywords :'( <meta name="Description" content="HEAD_DESC_TAG_DEFAULT tea products and information from bhura, exporter, manufacturer and blender of teas."/> <meta name="Keywords" content="tea, green tea, black tea, darjeeling tea, flavoured tea, india tea, spice tea, chai tea, tea recipes, loose tea, natural tea, tea health benefits, tea bags, HEAD_KEY_TAG_DEFAULT"/>
  5. 1. i have the coded added, just like the other pages in the root 2. it's not in check missing pages bcoz it may be defined to look only in the main catalog directory. :'( 3. same for showing up red in text xontrol. if i add file.php, it will show up in red bcoz it's looking for that in the root, that's it. but when adding as folder/file.php, althouh it doesn't show in red, no changes are made either :'(
  6. in the "Check Missing Pages" , i did not find it. -------------- add in the "Add a New page" as newfile.php, in the text control it shows the file as not found. (red coloured) ----------- adding the new file as folder/newfile.php, by this way although it doesn't tell anything that the file not found, but doesn't change anything too! so what should i do
  7. hi jack, i am stil facing trouble to get it to look into the sub-directories. :'( i want to be able to add title , desc and keyowrds for pages not only in the root: www.site.com/catalog but also for pages under www.site.com/catalog/fiolder/file.php how do i make it to look into those pages as well. thanks for any help :(
  8. thanks for clearing the doubts.
  9. thanks for confirming. this was one more question i asked there , but suits here "ok, downloaded stevels update. but this spiders file has no googlebot or any reference to it. have you (choosealogin) had any problems with it. this is what the readme says The purpose of this file is to tell if an incoming request is from a spider, NOT to identify a particular spider. Therefore, there are some common substrings in the list such as "spider", "crawl", and "obot" which match many different spiders. For example, "ebot" matches Googlebot, "nbot" matches msnbot. The strings in this file MUST be all lowercase, or else they will be ignored. If you think a particular spider is missing from the list, please post in the support topic and include a line from your access log showing the spider access including the full user agent string. Please do not update this contribution unless you fully understand how it works."
  10. this is a question which i posted in another topci, after which choosealogin told me to report it here, sorry for posting twice this is the url of the post : http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=214897 i went to download the latest spiders.txt from the contribtuons section (by stonebridgecomputing 13 jun 2006), but it says the file is password protected. does it require a password what should i do now really confused i tried to skip but all other files it says are password-protected: readme, spiders-large, spiders. so should i completely rest with Stevels' update, any other way.
  11. hi, jack there is a latest update on 8 jun 2006 by hejian, should i update with the latest release?
  12. yanarasod


    the discount made in % doesn't work for me, i tried giving discount 20% and 50%, but it increases the amount, this is the configuration: sub-total: 1 discount coupons: 2 gift vouhcers: 3 shipping: 4 tax: 5 total: 6 low order fee: not installed giving discount as 20%, subtracts $2 from $5, and discount percantage 50% subtracts $5 i.e. 100%. how do i make it to show correct subtraction, or am i missing something. thanks
  13. hi jack i see that not all my pages are turning up when doing a update on check missing pages. the reason i believe is that having files under sub-folders i.e. root/subfolder root/incudes/languages/english/subfolder how do i make header tags to search files under sub-folders too.
  14. hi, i dont have any sub-cats, will it show products under the tree menu
  15. yanarasod


    ah just noticed my question: 1.. i want to include a minus sign '-' in front of the gift voucher in the total in confirmation, have you not included it for any reason, or just kept it without that sign. am asking so as no other feature gets harmed. 2. also is there a feature that when passing the values to admin , a minus sign is auto added in discount coupon and gift voucher for order editor, so when updating it doesn't take the amount to be addedd extra.