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  1. :'( Hi There, I just have a few dumb questions regarding this contribution pack. How do I run a SQL script? And which installation method can be easily executed for a starter like myself? Would you have an installation guidline for me? Thanks alot for answering my queries. Have a great night! Aaron
  2. aaronpang

    Have a few questions on setting up PayPal Sandbox

    I am new to the forum. Could you clarify what are Paypal IPN 1.1 and Sandbox as you have said in the contexts? Kindest regards, Aaron
  3. aaronpang


    Dear all, I have a problem with the paypal module. The paypal module has been installed on the company web. However, I am experiencing two problems. (1) I cant see the orders in iadmin when customers use this payment module. The order no. has always been zero as for every customer who uses paypal. (2) The purchased items remain still in the shopping cart after customers have made their payments via paypal. Could anyone please advise how this can be rectified? Thanks heaps Aaron