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  1. Thanx alot I just love this contrib, just what i was looking for as my orders are packed oir of house once a week. Now i just need to make a little change, such that the script generates a batch-id for each time I print a batch, and update the orders, such I can reprint if needed. osCommerce is probly the best sjoppinmh system i've seen until now. Best regards Palle
  2. Sawwy mate.. Should have been more specific. It is the orders_products.orders_products_id I am just so used to work with "Item number" for a product unique identifier.
  3. Hi all, where do I find documentation on how to incorporate fields in the templates? What I need is to incorporate the itemnumber in each line, but I cant find anywhere where the lines are picked up.
  4. pallebg

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    Another problem. I have just installed all this contribution, but when i press the Batch print under /admin/tools, an empty page comes up. Any ieas as to where to look? Best regards Palle
  5. Got into the code now, to see if I could find the $reorder_result, but nowhere to be found. But in the general.php file, i found a $result that could be echoed, and the print was that there was no stock available. I dont know if i got an old version of the contrib, but the part of the code above, where if asks for if checkout is allowed, is not available in this part of the code. But else it looks quite similar. What I have done, is just to comment out, where it checks for available stock, just letting it insert no matter what, and NOW IT WORKS !! Yahooooo. Thanx for the inspiration and answers. Best regards Palle
  6. Well, from the beginning then ;o) As I still havent made any changes to the affected php files for "Order re-order" I copied them in according to the directory structure in the contribution. I call the function from where it then is standard implemented, that is in acount_history_info.php. I started copying on order, everything was ok. It was a short order with just 3 items, each with a purchase quatity of 1 item. And btw. I have allowed checkout without stock available. Next was trying a larger order with 27 items, and one of the items had been bought with a quatity of 3, and that item wasn't copied. Did some more investigation, and at the end tried an order with: Line 1 2x item Line 2 3x another item Line 3 4x a third item. checked the order out, went to my account again, and tried to re-order that last order, but absolutely nothing was copied to the cart. So my theory is, that there must be something in the code to prevent copying lines where the number of bought items are different from 1. Could it be like there is a check to see if the item beeing copied are checked agains the standard quatity on the product? Best regards Palle Sorry, but I am not a code wizard, so it is a little difficult for me.
  7. Just testet again, created an order with 3 item, quatity 2, 3 and 4 of each, and when reordering, nothing is put in the cart at all. So the conclusion as I see it: If quantity > 1, nothing is transferred to cart. It would be nice if someone had solved this problem. Best regards Palle
  8. Hi folks Dont know if this has been solved. I have just installed the contribution, Order Re-Order, i've really missed having this feature. My problem is, that when I reorder, it seems that all item-lines from the old order, where the quantity is > 1, are not copied. Anyone solved this problem? Best regards Palle
  9. pallebg

    Missing items

    Hi all. I have just installed this much missed contribution, but I do have some questions/problems. When I reorder an order, not all the items comes over. It seems like it is all the items where original order number of items are <> 1.