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  1. butterflyfish


    Wow, I don't know. My test coupon worked fine, and then cancelled itself out. I still can't figure out if the welcome vouchers that have already been sent out from my site are permanently applied or not. And I don't know how to delete them if they are. :(
  2. butterflyfish


    Oh, that's a good idea to do it as a coupon instead! I can probably find a way to void out the vouchers that have already been redeemed. Thanks! B)
  3. butterflyfish


    Apparently not. lol. Where do I do that? I can't find any way to change a welcome voucher (other than the amount) under Configuration -> My Store, and I can't find it at all other than as redeemed under the vouchers/coupons section. Thank you for the response, btw. I've read through a bajillion pages of thread and search results, and I haven't been able to figure this out. :blush:
  4. butterflyfish


    Hi, Did anybody know the answer to this? Should I just lose the welcome voucher? Does it work correctly for everyone else? And does anyone know where I should look to figure out why it doesn't void itself out after the first use?
  5. butterflyfish


    Apologies in advance if this was ever answered, but I started getting a headache around page 15. I think I'm having this same problem. In the admin panel, in Configuration -> My Store, I set a $5 welcome voucher. Tonight I got an e-mail from a customer that said: "I'm a new member here at your store and believe it somehow just gave me a $5 voucher I don't think I was suppose to get. I'd already used my new member one but when I made my second purchase here it again discounted the price 5 bucks as well as still more importantly showing I still have a $5 dollar voucher balance. So anyways to keep this brief I believe I owe you'll five dollars still and thought I'd best mention this happening to me while shopping here." I haven't had any other problems with the contribution. Everything else works great, and is totally appreciated. Any ideas on why it doesn't want to cancel out the welcome voucher after it's been used? I don't see anywhere in the admin panel to edit it like you can with a regular voucher other than to edit the price.
  6. butterflyfish

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Agreed. My brain is spinning after reading less than half of this thread. :wacko: Guess I'm not ready for integration yet.