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  1. Yes we did. Have had it for a while as part of MVS. We will recheck everything. I guess we'll count to 1755 too. Thanks Peter
  2. Fantastic job Jim. Have run in to an XML issue. Have been using MVS for quite a while on a number of stores. Updated everything and am not getting any rates back but am getting this error message (from the uncommented email line at around line 428 in _getQuote: Response: <?xml version="1.0"?> <Error><Number>-2147219085</Number><Source>Rate_Respond.;SOLServerRates.RateV4_Respond</Source><Description>Invalid XML Element content is incomplete according to the DTD/Schema. line= 0 pos= 1755</Description><HelpFile></HelpFile><HelpContext>1000440</HelpContext></Error> Any clues? Many Thanks Peter
  3. PeterHS

    [Development] USPS Shipping Module

    Hi Jim, Count me in for testing. This issue has been driving us crazy. We use MVS across about 200 web stores... Your proposed solution would be extremely valuable. Best Peter
  4. PeterHS

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Just a quick update: thanks to Matt now have the latest USPS working. One item I found was that if you are using geo zones/zones to geo zones you need the following in the class constructor otherwise the zone check will fail: $this->delivery_country_id = $order->delivery['country']['id']; $this->delivery_zone_id = $order->delivery['zone_id']; Then change appropriately in function enabled and function zones. Worked for me.... Peter
  5. PeterHS

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Thanks Jim. That would be very useful. We can take what we have already done and maybe get a merge that works! Best Peter
  6. PeterHS

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hi Jim, Any news on this for the 22nd Jan USPS updates for 2.2? We took the standard USPS module (downloaded from the osCommerce site and Version 6.1a) and had a go at converting that to MVS using your original instructions. It loaded OK but moaned about a missing value for Service when run. If we hard coded that in it worked. Suspect that the vendors ID is not available in the class constructor of that module when converted and some of the constants used for populating arrays don't work as they would rely on it in that part of the code. We can wrestle with it a bit more but if a proper update is due we'll wait a a little longer! Thanks Peter
  7. By the way, I have Multi Vendor Shipping installed. Could this be tripping the coupon code up?
  8. I have a similar issue. Except that I get as far as the confirmation page which is completely blank. The payment page shows the coupon box and I can enter a code - nothing past that though. I am also on PHP5 (and have stripped out the HTTPs). I too have had to back it out. Any ideas?
  9. PeterHS

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I am very glad to see this dialogue going on. We have implemented a number of new web stores which are very heavily modified and tailored under the skin (one is for the only American F1 driver!). We have incorporated MVS into all of them with a host of mods to get it to do what we wanted and fit with the heavy mods already done. It is working very well indeed (thanks guys!). It was a hell of an edit to shoehorn it all in (so many mods in our systems that things like WinMerge were no use). One of the mods we have made, for example, is to the vendor email elements as many of our products drop ship. Our systems send fully loaded electronic POs to our vendors when a customer orders complete with custom info such as embroidery and screen printing requirements even with associated thumbnails of the designs in question. So here is one of our inputs: we support the multi shipment options for each product for each vendor described above. We do, for example, use UPS for shipments in the US and FedEx for overseas shipments. We do not presently have anything as easy as a "Domestic = UPS and International = FedEx" configuration option in Admin for the same drop ship vendor for the same products. We have also attempted to implement product bundles. This has been fun in the context of MVS as the products in the bundle each have attributes (i.e. size and color and logo) and can each come from a different drop ship vendor and this in itself doesn't have a clean answer yet. Each product has to flow through the shopping cart and checkout process as a bundle and also be split out to calculate the individual and combined shipping costs, split out to send the individual POs to the vendors (a bundle can have more than one vendor in it) and split out for database update for stock and sales, etc. - all the while making sure that you know which products are in a bundle and which are not so that invoice pricing and totals are not hosed on the way through and you preserve the product attributes for each of the products in the bundle so they are correctly shown on the email POs. Products in a bundle also show, for example, 'Product in Bundle" where you would normally see a price in the shopping cart and have the delete option removed to prevent people deleting products that are in a bundle from the shopping cart. We have the same issue with shipments for products in bundles on the shipping page when they come from different drop ship places and you need to allow their individual selections and then aggregate the cost for the entire bundle. I have no idea whether your scope goes to these lengths but we have found MVS fundamental to what we are trying to achieve and we are very happy to see more work done in that direction. More power to you. If you know anyone who would like to tackle the product bundle/MVS combination issues we have (and no I do necessarily mean for free!) then let me know! Cheers Peter
  10. PeterHS

    Margin Report v2.10

    Now OK on the quantity issue. Still have the 1064 bug though. Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  11. PeterHS

    Margin Report v2.10

    Did anyone actually reply to this at all? I see it posted twice. If so, I cannot find it in the thread. I have installed Margin Report and have exactly the same problem. Weird thing is that if you select a product from the All Categories by Manufacturer drop down menu the export works fine for the product. When you then reselect All Categories by Manufacturer and select export it works! It appears to be only the first time you go there from the main margin reports page that it does not get the sql right and throws the error. Something not being passed somewhere on initial call? Also, I noted refrerence to a fix for the quantity issue that is supposed to be in the thread. Have just gone though and cannot see it. Have I missed it? Thanks Peter
  12. PeterHS

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have the same issue. Values on an attribute are being doubled. They show twice on the product_info page but only once in the AJAX manager in admin. Every new one added gets doubled. Sam - emailed you direct on this and probably should have just posted here - sorry! I am also running Attribute Sets - could this be the cause of the problem? Assume templates in AJAX Attribute Manager does the same as Attribute Sets in some senses but you can add attributes to a product directly from the Categories/Products page with Attribute Sets (small 'AS' icon) which is really easy with predefined attribute groups and its good not to have to open the product edit page where the AJAX contrib lives. Would be a shame if there was a conflict as both have their role: attribute sets are great when you have clothing that all has S-M-L etc. - one click adds the dropdown options menu beautifully and it is very quick for lots of products - however when a product has 54 colour options and its just that one product that has those options there is no point in creating a set or template; the AJAX manager is perfect for this! So for any particular product sizes are great with Attribute Sets and colours are great with AJAX Attribute Manager. Hope its not a conflict causing the duplication issues..... BTW - I think this is the best contrib I have tried and I have worked through quite a few! Congrats Sam.