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  1. NovemberDirge

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hey team, Any idea on the error I'm encountering? Thanks!
  2. NovemberDirge

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hello Jetta, Thanks for the contribution! So many nightmares with 2.2 RC2 and Rate V4 I don't know where to begin. I installed your contribution. I got to the fourth part, Configure settings from admin panel. When I got into admin -> modules -> Shipping Modules and click on EDIT I get this error: --------------- Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_usps_services() in /home/candleli/public_html/store/admin/modules.php(341) : eval()'d code on line 1 --------------- Any idea what might be causing the error? I have yet to proceed to the application_top.php, general.php and modules.php edits. Best, Chris
  3. NovemberDirge

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hello all, I've posted in a different thread, but I'm running a Oscommerce v2.2 rc2 and during checkout, it won't go past the "Delivery Information" stage. I gather this is related to the API change from the USPS. So, here's what I tried. 1. Download USPS Methods 6_1a 2. Replace the requisite files 3. Copy-paste code in the modules.php file, and then... 4. My modules.php file doesn't match the modules.php file in USPS Methods 6_1a -- The lines of code are similar but not in the same order Help? Regards, ND
  4. NovemberDirge

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Thanks for the contribution. I'm having a little difficulty on the "if" insertion section. My modules.php file is: ------------------- if (tep_not_null($action)) { switch ($action) { // {{ buySAFE Module case 'buysafe_save': ------------------- This code, as included in the contribution, does not exist in my modules.php file ------------------- if (tep_not_null($action)) { switch ($action) { case 'save': while (list($key, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS['configuration'])) { ------------------- Can anyone help with this? Am I using a too-old OSC version for this contribution or... I'm using OSC V2.2 RC2
  5. NovemberDirge

    Shipping Method - Pricing sort lowest to highest / Canada

    Hello Chris, Using OSC v2.2 RC2 default. I haven't installed a Canadian shipping contribution as we're based in the U.S., but have Canadian customers. Also, I didn't see a sort order in OSC admin under shipping. Could it be in the PHP that controls checkout_shipping.php? I'm VERY new to PHP. Thanks, Chris
  6. Hello, Not sure if this is the right subforum, but whenever customers come to our store from Canada, hit Checkout, they're hit with a top down list of shipping options for Canada. The shipping options are from most expensive (Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)) to least expensive (First-Class Mail International Large Envelope). We are finding it's at this point Canadian customers are bouncing from the store, thinking the only shipping option is (Global Express Guaranteed (GXG). I'd be delighted if Canadian customers were treated to the least expensive (First-Class Mail International Large Envelope) first. I think re-ordering would go a long way in keeping Canadian customers. Is there a way to change the ordering in checkout_shipping.php? Or is there somewhere else this needs to be done? Thanks!
  7. Any help on this matter?
  8. Hello, I found recently -- well, in the last 2 months -- orders placed in OSC (2.2 MS2 (051113)) don't have the shipping charge carried over in PayPal. The shipping charges show on checkout in OSC, but aren't visible in PayPal or in the order sent to me once PayPal confirms the order. Any ideas why this is happening? PayPal API issue or something related to OSC? Thanks, NDirge
  9. NovemberDirge

    Easy Populate alternatives?

    Yeah? I installed it in an earlier version, and it took forever to get it working properly and there more than several exceptions importing XLS files.
  10. NovemberDirge

    Easy Populate alternatives?

    So, it seems Easy Populate is one of the more popular way to bulk import products into osC, but it doesn't seem like it's easy to implement and get it working without major hassles. Are there alternatives?
  11. NovemberDirge

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hello, Preparing [PayPal IPN] -- problem I have the IPN contribution installed and it worked fine until September 15. I started seeing "some" orders as "Preparing [PayPal IPN]". I waited one day, then another...status didn't change. I placed a call to Paypal, and they said it was a problem with the IPN contribution -- not their issue -- so I went through all my settings and confirmed according to documentation that everything was installed correctly and I wasn't missing any steps. I placed another call to Paypal, and customer service said they'd fix "whatever" needed to be fixed. They did that and orders were processed correctly. Now...I'm seeing "Preparing [PayPal IPN]" again. Some of my orders have been sitting like this since 10/30. Any suggestions on what this might be and any possible solutions to solving this? Thanks, NDirge
  12. NovemberDirge

    PayPal IPN questions

    All, I've installed the PayPal IPN contribution. Install went without a hitch. Now, where would one get the information for the following data fields? I've seen confusing/conflicting information 1. Your Private Key The location of your Private Key to use for signing the data. (*.pem) 2. Your Public Certificate The location of your Public Certificate to use for signing the data. (*.pem) 3. PayPals Public Certificate The location of the PayPal Public Certificate for encrypting the data. 4. Your PayPal Public Certificate ID The Certificate ID to use from your PayPal Encrypted Payment Settings Profile. Also, if I have a commercial SSL (that I bought) is it necessary to also implement the use of the OpenSSL for payment done through PayPal? If not, good. If so, then how do I go about 'installing' the OpenSSL (http://www.openssl.org/) to make sure payments done through the Paypal IPN are secure? Any help is appreciated. NovemberDirge
  13. NovemberDirge

    Different $ amounts per product, per territory

    Thanks for the reply. I had some funky math in there, but you got the idea. I'll keep looking for an appropriate solution.
  14. Hello, I thought I posted this before, but I can't find the topic anywhere. I have a osc store that I need to have tiered shipping $ amounts on number of products ordered... It then needs to be broken out by country. For example: USA Product 1 = $2.00 Product 2 = $1.00 Product 3 = $1.00 Etc. Total shipping = $4.00 CANADA Product 1 = $3.00 Product 2 = $2.00 Product 3 = $2.00 Etc. Total shipping = $4.00 MEXICO Product 1 = $3.00 Product 2 = $2.00 Product 3 = $2.00 Etc. Total shipping = $4.00 Is there any way to break out the shipping module like this? I've checked out a few table pricings, but can't seem to get it to conform to what I want. I'm a PHP and osCommerce beginner. Thanks, NovemberDirge
  15. All, I need to set up shipping by number of Products ordered and then by Country. So... First item is $2.00 Each additional item is $1.00 Then I need to break this into countries. USA First item is $2.00 Each additional item is $1.00 CANADA First item is $3.00 Each additional item is $2.00 Etc., etc. Is there a way to configure osCommerce to output shipping totals by number of Products ordered and them by Country of customer? I tried a few table-based options, but they don't work. I am a beginning user of osCommerce and PHP. Thanks!