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  1. Thanx, dj07! That was the fix to make everything work for me as well! Never got the gd library installed on my laptop, but my server has it, so all is good! :thumbsup: B)
  2. Installing the contrib wasn't the problem, I've done that. Had I not done anything, I would not hesitate paying for the installation service at all. I will still make a donation when all is said & done. My problem is loading the gd image library that is/was supposed to be included with the PHP bundle! Oh, & speaking of too hot, I'm in Phoenix, AZ, where it's been 115?F (that's 46.1?C). You Brits would be moaning! B)
  3. OK, I just downloaded the gd-2.0.33.tar file, but I don't know how to install it. :'( I'd rather use the bundled one if it is there already with my PHP 4.4.1. I've had success with all my other contrib additions, but this one is really making me scratch my head. :'( Any & all help is appreciated!
  4. Tom, I honestly don't know. I know that makes me sound like a total muppet, but I am stumped! I installed PHP 4.4.1, and from everything I've read (if I understand correctly), then the gd image library is supposed to be bundled with PHP after v4.3, right? If I have it, how do I find it & activate it? Another related question: can I install the IM contrib without activating the GD library on my laptop if the server that hosts my website already has it installed? I know I wouldn't see functionality locally, but would everything work once I uploaded to the server? All I am looking for is quicker page loads so I don't lose customer interest due to slow page loading.
  5. I would like to install this contribution and test it on my laptop before uploading to my server, but I can't get past the stumbling block of activating the gd image library! :'( I have uncommented the line "extention=php_gd2.dll" in my php.ini file, but I can't see anything when I look under server info in the admin section. I am running Apache 1.3.33, PHP 4.4.1, MySQL 5.0.21 standard, & phpMyAdmin on Mac OSX (10.4.6). Any advice as to what I am doing wrong (or NOT doing, for that matter)? My site is currently on a test server: http://victor.ysfa.com/catalog. Thanx in advance!
  6. After installing QTPro 4.25, clicking on "My Account" or "Checkout" gives me the following error: I have found that the QTPro modified file "application_top.php" is causing this error, because if I re-install my previous "application_top.php" file I can access "My Account" & "Checkout" with no problems. I used kdiff3 to compare the files, and the only differences are the QTPro mods. There are only two lines added at the bottom for my extra images contribution (which are also on my previous file). Here is the QTPro modified file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. vmtent

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Never mind! Like the N00b I am I had put the wrong products_attributes_sets.php & product_attributes_sets_edit.php files in the wrong folders. Even though they are named the same, I didn't check first to see that they were actually different from each other. Reversed them & now the page displays correctly. :-" :thumbsup:
  8. vmtent

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hi Chris, I went through the entire install very slowly & carefully (or so I think). Everything seems to still be working, except when I click on the Attributes Sets in the left column all I get is a blank page. I have my Product Options & Product Values set up already in Products Attributes. Where did I go wrong? :'(