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  1. partyman

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Nice Dynamic SiteMap contribution. Sorted my earlyer troubles thx Paul. (NOW LETS GOD DAM PARTY)/.
  2. partyman

    Dynamic SiteMap

    im having a problem with the sql inquiry in dynamic_sitemap.php //dsa_ Exp $ Information Pages Unlimited BEGIN $information_query=mysql_query('SELECT information_id, languages_id, info_title FROM ' . TABLE_INFORMATION .' WHERE visible=\'1\' and languages_id ='.$languages_id.' ORDER BY v_order') or die(mysql_error()); the error im getting is displayed after all the links are in place and reads Table 'commerce.TABLE_INFORMATION' doesn't exist then the script ends leaving none displayed items in rest of the page ie no right colum cheers any help much apprietated. Paul