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  1. Linda, The only sessions that stack and cannot be deleted are bot sessions. I mistook several layers of bots for customers sessions NOTE! All bot sessions / stacks of bots have no session ID and session expired shopping carts. From PHPAdmin modify the problem session table entry and insert a session id. Here you can see I just added loads of the letter 'c' customer_id click_id full_name session_id ip_address time_entry time_last_click last_page_url page_desc 0 NULL Guest ccccccccccccccccccccccccc 212.222.XXX.X 1063117092 1063117092 White Grease (Heat / Water Resistant Viscostatic Grease) refresh the admin page so the session id shows you can then delete the entry OK (in this instance it was a single bot entry so the entire session was deleted having no more bots underneath) A couple of other things! This morning when I deleted a stacked session entry of bots the last session entry had 1 page view. I used method 2 to delete the session entry (not having discovered the above information yet, it deleted all sessions including legitimate customer sessions. Ouch. Also the page URL tracking whilst listing the correct page does not contain the correct URL to that page!! Should it? Hope some of this helps.
  2. Linda, Thanks for the input. Further information. I did exactly the same as yourself, the only entries I was able to delete were NOT stacked as previously described. Lets refer to the following method of deleting sessions as 'method 2' enter the IP into User Track config and then invoking 'Delete all info from IP-Address purge all' Googlebot has just shown up on User Tracking as a Guest with '2' click counts but immediately states session expired (Don't know if this is relevent) I then opened up a session onto my site from another computer. I could delete the session I created from another computer browser. I could not delete the bot session. Googlebot now has 5 click counts Yet the session is still expired? All following deletions were via method 2 as [delete session] does not delete these sessions. deleting this session reveals another IP address with 4 click counts. delete this session reveals another IP 3 click counts delete this session reveals another IP 2 click counts delete this session reveals another IP 1 click counts delete this session Aha empty.... All the above were marked session expired even though last activity was within a minute. Theorising. The stacked session entries usually have a bot entry. Not just googlebot as I am being nailed by bots hourly. Once a bot has appeared traffic drops off according to User Tracking and yet perusal of who's online shows other users. Maybe a 'session expired' bot session entry in User Tracking is somehow resulting in other sessions being either stacked underneath or stopped from being listed. However it still does not discount the fact I cannot delete this bot session using method 2 Additionally I had already cleared out all entries, no entries in the table checked via PHPadmin. Same here. Another thought! Would regularly changing the IP addresses to track cause an issue? as required for method 2 deletion Ah crawler10 is back. 5 click counts Can user tracking differentiate between the last octet of an IP address or does it use the first 3 octets only? This would explain it stacking sessions as a single session and subsequent refusal to being deleted. using a refresh crawler10 just jumped to crawler 14 and from 5 to 7 click counts and the last octet of the IP changed to 168 from 28 Just used method 2 to delete this session and have crawler10 6 click counts and so on and so forth endlessly. Hope all my ramblings help. Thanks
  3. I might be eating my words re user tracking working finally.... I would welcome any pointers with the following. In admin user tracking all looks fine, flags showing different IP's etc showing. But one thing I've noticed is that multiple entries in the list seems to grow in page views, repetitive page views. I cannot delete the entry from the page, what I have to do is enter the IP address into admin user tcking config > exclude this IP address then select purge all records from IP addres at the top of the page. But what this does is reveal another entry, total pages may drop 1 or more pages. These entries can either be customers or bots but there is no correlation so far. To actually delete what appears to be a stacked entry i.e. instead of 15 seperate entries they are stacked. So deleting what appears to be a single entry using the above method peels back subsequent entries with a lesser page count and different IP details etc underneath. Just had to do it again over 15 times to finally delete an entry. So whilst this this contribution is superb I obviously have not configured something correctly but I am damned if I know what it is. Using tep snapshot 20030518 with SEC v1_0b User tracking with admin 1.34 Review approval Purchase without account Scrolling links Cross sell Links manager Admin account with acces levels. All ideas and pointers would be very welcome as this is a live site, had not noticed the stacking of user tracking entries during testing.... Help please!
  4. Never did see a 'how to' on the following post. Shame as it could provide a serious performace hike for this contribution. bdaug001, care to share? It would be appreciated.
  5. Try this. BACKUP FIRST! Open /catalog/includes/application_top.php Search for 'cart' after several finds of the instance 'cart' you will come across the line //create the shopping cart & fix the cart if necessary Immediately above this line insert //user tracking modifications if (!$referer_url) { $referer_url = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']; if ($referer_url) { tep_session_register('referer_url'); } } Ensure you have no spaces etc...the usual. Enjoy! :D
  6. VJ, Now we are both on the same song sheet :wink: The admin http:// inclusions work perfectly. Perhaps an inclusion for your next release? You are a superstar, thanks for this contribution and your assistance. Thomas
  7. This would help too! :wink:
  8. Please see the following post. It details the exactl the same issue you have and contains a potential resolution. :D
  9. VJ Where exactly would I apply the http:// update in the admin > links > new links page? Currently site URL and reciprocol page would cause issues if the entry was made with http:// prefix omitted. Can't find the equivalent to /catalog/includes/modules/link_submit_details.php in the admin section... It is not a major issue as it is admin only but a would be nice to have. Thanks
  10. Guys, I can see the benefits of this contribution and would like to get it up and running. I have two issues. 1. Admin side: Attempting to use either the links or catagories button in admin > exchange links results in the following message. Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem. I know directory or file permissions! But which ones? All other functions and access works correctly within admin, I can create, delete catalog items etc. I do not want to open up the admin area on a live site. Customer side: After submitting a link. The exchange_links_submit_success.php 'continue' button based on <a href="' . $origin_href . '"> sends the user to the /catalog directory instead of /catalog/default.php The same variable from the create account success 'continue' button sends me correctly to /catalog/default.php. (I've left out my url) Any ideas on the above would be appreciated. Thanks MrEveready
  11. Have searched threads / faq's etc etc for an answer, can anyone point me in the right direction? From SEC v1.0b admin > whos online. The host info simply states the following error: Host: Warning: gethostbyaddr(): Address is not in a.b.c.d form in PATHwhos_online.php on line 251 (substituted the full path for PATH) Any ideas?
  12. Hi, Firstly Cheers a bunch Linda, once the instructions are read 'correctly' your contribution SECv1_0b flies on a treat. :D Yep! Helps when it is installed on snapshot 20030518! :wink: Also works a treat with: X-Sell module X-Sell Admin and a few other goodies. Question: How can I offer starter kits. Starter Kits being a selection of say 5 separate products. Ability to produce different levels of kits from differing quantities of the same product group i.e. 1 x 1st/2nd/3rd/4th product + 12 x 5th product = kit 1 1 x 1st/2nd/3rd product + 3 x 4th product + 24 of the 5th product =kit 2 and so on. It is intended purely to group specific products together and offer them as single entities at a special kit price. The kits should not impact on the regular, discount, bulk buy or special prices or visa-versa. Would also be a bonus to: 1. Show the saving (the sum of the items separate prices vs the kit price) 2. Include the kit as a single entity to promote the kit in X-Sell. Can't see anything like the above in contributions! Ideas welcome? Thanks MrEveready
  13. A massive thanks to Strider42 who responded to the above posting with a solution which resolved the X Sell products not showing on the live site. Happy day :D Posting as received: Hi, I had the same problem and the fix was to turn off the cache in admin: Configuration:Cache - set this to false. Worked for me. The code in catalogproduct_info.php reads: Code: <?php if ( (USE_CACHE == 'true') && !SID) { echo tep_cache_also_purchased(3600); } else { include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_XSELL_PRODUCTS); include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS); } } ?> check the if statement.
  14. To anyone who has: -Installed Cross (X) Sell and Cross (X) Sell admin. -Not received any errors. -Had the admin package seemingly grouping products OK and holding the setting -BUT has not had the products that were selected in Cross (X) Sell admin display on the live site. -Then resolved the problem and now has a fully functioning site. Please, please respond to this thread. My site is going live next week, I have performed 4 installations each time onto a clean restored from backup site to no avail. Have scoured this and any related thread. I would really appreciate some pointers. Thanks in advance.
  15. Contribution mostly working fine with header tags :? except I get the following error Fatal Error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_header_tags_products_desc() in ~PATH~ catalogincludesheader_tags.php on line 169 This line being in the following block: // PRODUCTS_REVIEWS_INFO.PHP and PRODUCTS_REVIEWS.PHP case ( strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'product_reviews_info.php') or strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'product_reviews.php') or strstr($PHP_SELF,'product_reviews_info.php') or strstr($PHP_SELF,'product_reviews.php') ): if ( HEAD_DESC_TAG_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO=='' ) { if ( HTDA_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO_ON=='1' ) { **(LINE 169) ** $the_desc= tep_get_header_tag_products_desc($HTTP_GET_VARS['reviews_id']) . ' ' . HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL; } else { $the_desc= tep_get_header_tag_products_desc($HTTP_GET_VARS['reviews_id']); } BUT! only when the following files catalogproduct_reviews.php catalogproduct_reviews_info.php catalogproduct_reviews_write.php have the TITLE; replaced as described in the Header tag controller V2 install doc's. So if I replace: ?> <title><?php echo TITLE ?></title> <?php with the block of code as suggested in the installation notes: <?php // BOF: Changed: Header Tag Controller v1.0 // Replaced by header_tags.php if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else { ?> <title><?php echo TITLE ?></title> <?php } // EOF: Changed: Header Tag Controller v1.0 ?> OK the answers, :?: do not modify the code and leave well alone! Not a problem provided the functionality of the contribution has not been limited. AND It is a stanalone issue related to these files only, and no hidden issue is waiting to happen. Answers anyone?