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    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi Bill, everything listed here is what ive tried already, so i tried it again a few times and still no joy. i dont know why its suddenly just stopped. The folder permissions are set. the filenames are correct. there is a '/' after my catalogue directory and downloads are enabled and not set for redirect... im loosing my hair over this thing!
  2. hi guys, ive now succesfully installed my own version of this template same sorta thing just changed the images, (if you would like me to add the files to the contrib then i will just let me know) one things though... since ive installed it, the download links do not work once a customer has made a purchase, it worked fine before the install. its not something ive done because i only changed the stylsheet andimage files. any help would be great... thanks in advance
  3. how can i close the spacing up? in places like above the 'whats new' box, and all the infoboxes in column_right.php? regards, Will
  4. hiya mate, i cant seem to get the alignment/spacing sorted for the temp. you can see it at www.resonate-records.co.uk/store please help asap, Regards. Will