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  1. Hi, I've been using PayPal IPN v1.1.2.10 successfully for just over a year now, when during the afternoon of Friday 17th February 2006 my orders that were successfully paid for using PayPal, their status wasn't changing from "Pending Payment" to "Processing". Since this day my order status has failed to update after successfull PayPal payment. I have now since been manually checking my orders in oscommerce to PayPal, matching them up and changing the order status myself. As you know this has become time consuming. Now I have got round to tackling this problem, I have removed PayPal IPN and installed a later version PayPal IPN v1.1.2.11. This unfortunately during paypal sandbox testing this version behaves exactly the same. Have you any idea why this might have started happening on 17/02/2006, did PayPal change anything? What might cause this not to happen? I had not been changing any code or interferring with the administration functions prior to this fault. Thank you, James