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  1. jagedge

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    Thanks Bruce for the help! I am using Ultimate SEO URls v2-2.2 on shared hosting. Before i could implement your fix, to fix the problem, i replaced the froogle.php in catalog/admin/froogle.php i installed from automatic store feeds, with froogle.php from froogle data feeder 1.62d w_SEO. and it worked! thanks for the contribution and support, fabulous!
  2. jagedge

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks for the contribution Calvin! For Froogle Feeder version 162d with SEO, i seemed to get rid of the category listing in google_base.php, by commenting out around line 314 and 321 "$catIndex[$row->prodCatID] . "\t" ." inorder to remove the table header, i deleted "category" out from around line 232 $output = "link \t title \t description \t price \t image_link \t category \t id"; I'm not an expert, but seemed to take out the category listing from my froogle/google base feed! Sure hopes this helps!
  3. jagedge

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    Hello, just installed Automated Store Feeds and Thanks for a Great Contribution! However, I've a small problem using SEO URL's contribution. When the frooglefile.txt is generated, it does not contain my SEO URLs for the products, but generates the "product id=#" instead. Is there a way to read the SEO URLs when generating the frooglefile.txt upload file?
  4. jagedge

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Thanx Lupole,Stew and Jim and all contributors. I have been struggling with this issue for a few nights now! It works and also gives me multiple payment options which i need to further test!
  5. jagedge

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello all, thanx for the contribution STS 4.1. i have installed it and it works fine with HTC, extra images. however, when i enable search engine friendly urls, my product template does not appear but goes back to default osc product page. does sts 4.1 work with search engine friendly urls or not? Thanks
  6. Never mind i used google to use phpmyadmin to import the header.sql file and it said it was successfull! thanx!
  7. hi jack, i too have the exact same problem with HTC_V_2.5.8 . i checked both the includes/database_tables.php and the MySQL db and both have 'products_description'. but i get the error. 1146 - Table 'thriftsh_p_os1.PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION' doesn't exist select * from PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION [TEP STOP] any more suggestions? Thank You