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    Robbogeordie reacted to Dan Cole in From Frozen to Phoenix   
    For me that is both fair and realistic.  I have add-ons I can't live without and until they are updated the choice is update or keep those functions.   My current plan is to get a live site up and running (I'm close) and then keep a development branch going that I can add updates to, both core and add-ons. Taking that to say and when it's ready to release, I'll rinse and repeat.  Until the add-ons get to a point where they are not impacted by changes to the core I don't think it can be managed in any other way.  If there is, I'd certainly be interested in knowing. 
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    Robbogeordie got a reaction from burt in Allow_url_fopen Fresh Phoenix Install   
    Here's how I fixed it.
    I removed the recursive code that I'd put in my .htaccess and simply copied the php.ini file to my admin directory instead. Fopen On in admin
    Voila, simple as that.
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    Robbogeordie reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Changed code to fix a 7.3 compatibility problem. Changed code to fix the character conversion option. Split into a Phoenix and non-Phoenix versions. The former accomplished by files supplied by @raiwa.