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  1. Using 2.3.4BS responsive (says in version checker) I am getting an error when trying to send newsletters through the Newsletter manager. It prompts the error after about a minute. Basically timing out because apparently it isn't connecting to the database? Pretty much everything else with the site works just fine so I am stumped. The error is attached below. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. About 2 years ago I started on updating our site from 2.2. At the time I downloaded 2.3.4BS responsive (says in the version checker). Some time restraints didn't allow me to finish getting things going until now. We have a "forced login" addon implemented to force customers to login before viewing the site (it is for private customers only). I had the 2.3.4BS version in a "test" directory which it seemed to work just fine there. However, when I moved it to the "live" directory now it won't let me login with Google Chrome. I can log in to the site in the "test" directory with Google Chrome just fine, but not in the live directory. The only way I could fix it was to set the "Recreate Session" in the Sessions section from True to False which I prefer not to do. Best I can tell I changed all the paths in the configure files but I am thinking I am missing something. Anyone have any ideas why it will work in one directory but not another? The code for the forced login addon is located in the application_top.php file and is listed below: