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    I just installed v1.4 into a OSC 2.2 R2 and am having problems. For some reason, my cart has totally failed. If I try to add a product into the cart from the product_info.php file, for some reason after the redirection the cart is always empty. I seem to have traced the problem to the line $success = session_start(); in the function tep_session_start in includes/functions/sessions.php. Before this line is executed, my $_GET global has the 'action' and 'product_id' variables set correctly (along with the 'osCsid' var). However after the session starts, both the 'action' and 'product_id' vars get wiped from the $_GET array, and they no longer trigger anything. Specifically I need it to trigger the shopping cart section in application_top.php. However at that point, the session has been called and my 'action' variable seems to be no longer accessible. I imagine somewhere, some code is doing something like unset($_GET['action']), but I have no idea where this might be. I've racked my brain on this for like 4 hours already and haven't had any luck. Has anyone else noticed this problem, or does anyone have any suggestions on where else I should be looking? Thanks in advance. EDIT - I almost forgot to mention, but after the $_GET variables are wiped, for some reason the osCsid stays. Before that session_start() call, there are 3 vars, action, product_id and osCsid. After, only osCsid...Weird.