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  1. Hi I have installed this into my store (CRE Loaded store) and it all works fine now, just a few points: 1) The above code that you advised longhorn1999 has not been updated in the maxmind.php file 2) In Step7, waht is the purpose of this line? If ((tep_not_null($sql_data_array['cc_number'])) || (tep_not_null($HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_number_nh-dns'])) || (tep_not_null($HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_number_nh-dns']))) I had to remove it, it was the only way to get it working on my store 3) In Step 3, it should be: require(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'maxmind/OrderTableAddition.php'); 4) If you are installing this into a CRE Loaded store, In order to get the admin test files to work, some additional work is required to make them compatible i.e. lines that reference template_top and template_bottom need to be removed. Session links also need to be added, I didn't bother as I just ran the tests within store orders. I hope that this information helps someone else who might get stuck :) Great job of the mod by the way!
  2. vsonline

    PayPal IPN v2.3.3

    Do you by any chance know where that option is specifically? Thanks in advance :)
  3. vsonline

    PayPal IPN v2.3.3

    I would like to know the answer to this as well :)
  4. vsonline

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Excellent, thanks for that :)
  5. vsonline

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi Chris, Royal mail's change has broken the URL's again :( Thanks for the update working fine on CRE Loaded, just wanted to bring something to your attention though, the international Signed for do not seem to work, I was looking at teh URLs and noticed the following: International: http://postcode.royalmail.com/portal/rm/tr...equestid=112464 1st Class/Special: http://postcode.royalmail.com/portal/rm/tr...equestid=112559 Its the Keyname that changes 3H versus 3A I will PM you an example International Sign-For Tracking number to test with, it and when you have the time for it :) Let me know if I can help you in anyway.
  6. vsonline

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    OK found the answer to this bit, it is CRE specific, answer from wroughtec on CRE forums: admin/modules.php: Code:: // added for tracking module case 'tracking': $module_type = 'tracking'; $module_directory = DIR_FS_CATALOG_MODULES . 'tracking/'; $module_key = 'MODULE_TRACKING_INSTALLED'; define('HEADING_TITLE', HEADING_TITLE_MODULES_TRACKING); $SSL= 'NONSSL'; break; // end added tracking module Anyway, I have everything installed and running however, when i try to add a tracking code, nothing is added, nor do i see any error messages... A little help please?
  7. vsonline

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi guys, firstly, this is a fantastic script! I am seeing the following error message when I look at the tracking modules page within the admin section: Error! Unable to determine connection method on a link! Known methods: NONSSL SSL Function used: tep_href_link('modules.php', 'set=tracking&module=royalmail', '') I have this installed on a very heavily modded CREloaded software. I have placed the files in the appropriate places to make it work, just seeing this error and is not allowing me to install any of the modules. I have missed up step 9 for now, the order page, but this wouldn't stop the app from working... Many thanks in advance
  8. vsonline

    Batch Update Status Support

    Hiya guys, yes this is a fantastic contrib, saves sooo much time when it comes to processing orders! Just something I have thought of that may saves even more time... A drop down box that has a list of commonly used messages and comments. E.g. The stupid Royal Mail postal strike caused havoc with our orders and we had to advise everyone of the delays to their orders. I will work this out and try and install this, however, this will require databasing with add/edit/delete options for the pre-made text. Hmm, maybe to start off with, just start off with simple text based statements? I'd love to hear what others things of this idea?
  9. Hi everyone, this is a great contribution! I am a CRE Loaded user so will hack this up for visual looks. Regards to getting it to work in CRE, open up the print_batch.php file in the admin folder, find line 52 and replace with: $frames .= "\t" . '<frame src="' . $target_file . '?oID=' . $order_number . '&osCAdminID=' . $osCAdminID . '">' . "\n"; All we are doing is adding the following in: '?oID=' . $order_number . '&osCAdminID=' . $osCAdminID . CRE requires that the session is loaded otherwise it forces you to login. At this point in time, I have installed a seperate mod for quick status updates, however, i will be attempting to mod it with this contrib :P Alimul www.theshishashop.com