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  1. 1054 - Unknown column 'r.reviews_id' in 'on clause' select r.reviews_id, r.products_id, r.customers_name, r.date_added, r.last_modified, r.reviews_read, rd.reviews_text, r.reviews_rating, ri.reviews_image, ri.reviews_status from reviews r, reviews_description rd left join reviews_images ri on r.reviews_id = ri.reviews_id where r.reviews_id = '21' and r.reviews_id = rd.reviews_id [TEP STOP] i am also getting the same error in the admin/reviews.php on dreamhost with mysql5. Is there a simple fix?
  2. HI Fellas I was just wondering, I have a osc shop running this addon but at one time i had a problem and google indexed some urls like. mysite.com/-c-523_740.html it has now been fixed but i am stuck with the urls on the engines like mysite.com/-c-523_740.html and was wondering if theres a way to 404 the old urls so google see's they are not there. Since it still has the CatId's they work when i'd like them not to and then be deindexed. Or maybe its possible to forward them back to what the url should be http://mysite.com/product-stuff-c-523_740.html Any help would be great
  3. supraturbo

    CSS Menu

    yup i'm looking for the same thing... it would be kickass if you could do this.
  4. supraturbo

    CSS Menu

    is there a way to get this addon to only show like 3 categories deep? I have way to many categories... just wondering if theres a quick fix. I see where you can turn off ones with nothing in them....
  5. supraturbo


    i looked around a bit and did not see much... or maybe i missed something. but is there a setting i can change to only make coolmenu only go 2/3 categories deep and then stop. I have alot of categories for lots of parts but the problem is the coolmenu file is just getting to big. thanks any help would be great :)