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  1. Hi, I integrated the Bestseller 1.4 admin controlled Box and I want that the box displays the normal Bestseller not the controlled bestseller. Anybody know how to modify the code? Greetz Patrick
  2. PrimeTec

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, i integrated this contribution in my german shop with flat_shipping. The articel prices are all displayed with tax correctly in the invoice after updating the order. But the ot_subtotal value is without tax, i need it with tax. thx Patrick
  3. it looks like this: intermediate total: 97,99EUR overall forwarding expenses (): 6,70EUR Cash on Delivery : 3,68EUR Sum: 108,37EUR MwSt. 16.0%: 14,44EUR 16: 0,51EUR <- These are the taxes from the Cash on dlivery!!! Which php site is for calculating this tax? I just found a site, where i can make string behind the 16 (is the descriptionof the tax !)
  4. PrimeTec

    Individuelle Versandkosten

    ja, aber das will doch kein Kunde. Der bestellt doch net und wei? die Versandkosten nicht!
  5. PrimeTec

    Individuelle Versandkosten

    mhm, du kannst doch das gewicht der artikel eingeben und daf?r dann die versandkosten nach geweicht berechnen lassen. Soviele M?glichkeiten hast Du ja auch nicht, P?ckchen und Paket alle anderen Versandarten haben fast immer einen Festpreis!
  6. I added this addon to my shop, an anything runs fine, but in the "checkout_shipping.php" 2 taxes are displayed. One normal taxes and taxes from the addon, but i wanted the taxed added an displayed in one taxfield.
  7. Hi, plz excuse my bad english :oops: I'm searching for an modul which lets me send emails when the money is on my bank account. and also a module which sends the customer a email when his products were shipped. i tried the search, but no succes :? Thx patrick