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  1. I have a store Slimcafe.net running Oscommerce Version 2.2-MS2 PHP Version 4.49 I am using the default Authorize.net payment module which has worked fine for years. Now it is giving me the following error. The following errors have occurred. (14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid. I have spoken to Authorize.net and they say to contact Oscommerce. I have spoken to my host ixwebhosting and they can't help me. I have searched the internet as well as Oscommerce and all I see is that the URL is wrong. How do I find the right URL? I see where to put the right URL in Authorize.net setup on their site, if I knew the right URL. Right now it is set to http://slimcafe.net. This was never changed since I started using Authorize.net. As I said it has worked for years until now. It is very frustrating. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Max
  2. mdkinc

    Missing Middle 8

    I am not getting all my emails with the middle 8 numbers of credit cards. Is there anybody else who has experienced this problem? Is there a patch or a better module to use? I would appreciate any help. Thanks Max Kirkland
  3. mdkinc

    Authorization.net Confirm Order

    Lisa, I, too, am getting returned to the login page and don't know why. I tried your fix, and it still goes back to login page. I can use the credit card module with no problem. So it is definitely Authorize.net.